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Five Men Tried To Pick Fights With Pupils at Charter School

DAYTONA BEACH -- Five boys and a girl are now behind bars after they tried to pick fights with other pupils at Richard Milburn Academy in Daytona Beach. Principal Sam Smith said he and a police officer stationed at the school tried to keep the students from racing outside to fight with the intruders. Smith cut his hand on one of the glass doors while trying to keep it closed. An EVAC ambulance arrived at the school, 1031 Mason Ave., and he was treated at the scene. “Some outsiders came to get some students here,” Smith said after the fight broke out at the school. Some boys here were trying to get out (to fight too.)” Smith said it was the first time in eight years that such a scuffle had occurred at Richard Milburn. The facility is a charter school that contracts with Volusia County schools and is specifically for students who have struggled in traditional academic settings. Officers responded to the fight with six patrol cruisers and a paddy wagon. All six teens were charged with disorderly conduct; one of the youths was also charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, police said. Five of the six teens who were arrested, are students at the school, police at the scene said. However, on Tuesday afternoon only two arrest reports were completed on two of the youths — Dustin Ardillo, 19, and Matthew Humphrey, 18, both of Daytona Beach. Humphrey was charged with disorderly conduct and Ardillo was charged with resisting an officer without violence and trespassing. The others arrested were minors. Elizabeth Hancock, the mother of the only girl arrested, said she intends to fight the disorderly conduct charge lodged against her 16-year-old. Hancock said she went to the school to either drop off her daughter, or, get the teen's homework so she could go home and do it there. “We pulled up and there was a dispute in front of the school,” Hancock said Tuesday morning. “My daughter knew all of the people because they're her friends. She tried to stop the fight.” Police arrested Hancock's daughter because they said she shoved one of the boys who was standing at the front door of the school. Hancock said her daughter shoved the teen because he was trying to get out to fight and she was trying to keep him inside the building so he wouldn't get in trouble.

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