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    • Mjastoria

      And these chivalrous old-school manly republicans are doing exactly WHAT to rectify these problems they claim are in the bill, and are moving forward exactly HOW to protect abused women?
      (… crickets…)
      Allocating more money for Social Services and other drastically under-funded govt. organizations that provide these services? Fat chance?
      As we’ve seen time and again, Republicans profess to be serious about issues, then they obstruct and convolute and NEVER get around to providing a satisfactory solution. Republicans — mistaking Rage for Intellect, mistaking stonewalling for Progress, mistaking their unwavering misconceptions for Facts, mistaking their myopic self-importance for Valor and Virtue.
      Meanwhile and historically, the Dems, imperfect as they are, are diligently trying to bring about some kind of meaningful motion to this country, trying to ignore the constant clatter from the Echo Chamber of Fallacies that is the Far-Right.

    • Mjastoria

      Cats are TOO cuddly! Cat owners know this, because they are often the only people who get to experience it. I watch tv every night with one cat in my lap and the other cat lying faceup by my head waiting for his belly to be rubbed. I also nap an hour each afternoon with each cat curled up in one of my armpits, purring away. CUDDLING!
      How come I, a cat-owner, know more about dogs (I love them too!) than many of these professional dog-breeders know about cats?

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