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    • mjasphere

      Hello everyone, I’m Lowery from UK, But live with family here in NY In February I wrote for a loan because i was loosing my house since I changed my job, my salary isn’t as big as the former. I asked for some help friends but non was able to help. But my best friend showed me a prophet online who does lotto spell that could change life for good..I saw many people talking about this prophet mica on templeoflivingspirits@gmail.com saying his lotto spells work 100%, I gave it a try, I sold some stuffs to be able to get the spell done…couple of days after my spell was cast I won $3500 Pounds with the numbers he gave me. Then a week later I won $10,000 then $5000, another 2000. I am still sending a vote of appreciation to the prophet because he said i should come back when i have won so he can tell me what to do. I would say this prophet is a god sent to help the poor who won’t give up because he didn’t ask for anything apart from what he needed to cast the spell with, which i sold some few stuffs for. But now i can buy whatever i want…I can tell its worth it.
      Thanks prophet Mica….I’m playing next week, I’ve never lost since i met him.

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