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7 Reasons Glove And Boots Won A Shorty Award

Glove and Boots recently won a Shorty Award for best videoblogger, and celebrated by sledding down a Wyoming mountain in a porta potty. Watch the viral videos that earned these two puppets a place in our hearts.

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Mario and Fafa are the puppet stars of Glove and Boots. Over the past few years, they've taken to YouTube to produce a series of comedic videos that recently earned Fafa the Groundhog a Shorty Award for Best Videoblogger. During their campaign to beat out Justin Bieber's DJ for the top spot, the two puppets promised to sled down a Wyoming mountain in a porta potty if they won...a promise they delivered.

Nominally, the Shorty Awards are about Twitter content. And while both Mario and Fafa can be hilarious on Twitter, their victory really comes down to their YouTube videos. Here's a list of the 7 best videos that helped Glove and Boots bring in the win.

7. They're Doing Their Part to Cure VVS

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Glove and Boots' most recent video features a heartfelt entreaty against VVS, also known as Vertical Video Syndrome. Because people's eyes are horizontal...we just aren't built to watch vertical videos.

So do your part. Hold your cameras the right way, and don't make crappy videos.

6. They're Prepared To Cater To The Ladies

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After checking their YouTube stats, Mario and Fafa realized that ladies weren't watching the Glove and Boots channel. So they set out to make a video to woo the fairer sex over to their site. With romance, and salad.

5. They Have $10K in Gold Coins Stashed Somewhere In NYC

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While Glove and Boots initially started making videos on their website before YouTube was even around, they stopped producing videos after a group of largely incompetent pirates stole their gold, hid it in New York City, and promptly forgot where they stashed the loot.

A series of videos available at follow these swashbuckling puppet pirates as they reveal a series of clues to where this very real treasure is hidden.

4. They Present The Most Cogent Reason To Hate Hipsters Ever

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Mario and Fafa trace the origins of the hipster in their most popular video to date, proving that the modern-day incarnation manages to adopt the worst habits of their predecessors, all rolled into one smelly mustachioed package.

...with an intermission from Pomplamoose.

Not bad for a duo that created the official music video for Polyphonic Spree's song, Hold Me Now.

3. They Condensed Sixty Years Of Television Into Seven Minutes Of Song

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Ever hear a puppet gorilla try and say "vitameatavegamin" while wearing a dress? Or wonder what the lyrics to the Mad Men theme should be? Who cares: this retrospective on television theme songs features puppets in costumes. Lots and lots of costumes.

2. They Know How To Tap Into That YouTube Money

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In this video, Mario and Fafa manage to use and abuse every YouTube revenue stream, from pre-rolls to product placement. Even though they not-so-secretly hate Pepsi. Which is for gross people.

1. They Know The Best Ways To Kill Zombies

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Did you know Mario and Fafa went to Zombie University? It's true...and you can watch them beat up puppet zombies to the tune of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now." You can also learn how zombies will cry out for your brains in 19 different languages. That's important information if you're planning on surviving a zombie apocalypse abroad!

The real reason this video tops out the list, however, are its two companion videos. In the first, Mario and Fafa distract themselves from zombie apocalypse by playing Left 4 Dead poorly. In the second, Mario finds himself subjected to Walking Dead protagonist Rick Grimes' walkie talkie abuse.

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