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What Your Acronym For Laughing Really Says

There's levels to this s%#t.

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I'm either totally fake-laughing, don't have a better response, or I need a clever way to end my sentence. After all, 'LOL' is the new period.


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I laughed a little bit, but def not as hard as I said I did.


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I'm laughing but I will NOT use an acronym for a dirty word because I AM NO HEATHEN.


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Because I'm just way too cool for the usual laughing acronyms, you sheep.


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I'm laughing hard as hell yo.


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I declare this here a YELL LAUGH at an insanely ignorant volume.


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I'm laughing so hard that my poor eyes are drowning in tears and I can't even see the keyboard. Or, maybe I'm just being dramatic? Either way, it's funny AF.

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