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8 Thoughts You Had About Hamburger Helper Growing Up

Oh, you used to watch the stove alright.

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When Hamburger Helper dropped their mixtape today I was like . . . . is this real life? AM I BEING PRANKED? I mean, it is April Fool's Day, right? Well, prank or no prank, the sh*t was legit lit. Yea, you heard me right! However, as lit as this meaty mixtape was, let's talk about the thoughts we had about Hamburger Helper growing up.

1. Day 1 of the Hamburger Helper meal was like / Via

The Cheeseburger flavor is forever clutch. #WontHeDoIt

2. When ya moms put extra sh*t in it to make it look like a fancy dish. / Via

You can't fool me - I know Hamburger Helper when I see it.

3. When you had to eat Hamburger Helper leftovers 3 days in row


That's it. I'm calling CPS.

4. You were all excited until you found out it was the Beef Stroganoff flavor. / Via

'Cause let's face it, nobody eats that Stroganoff sh*t in real life anyway. NOBODY.

5. That time your mom "tried something different" a.k.a. "made the Tuna Hamburger Helper", and you literally wanted to die. / Via


6. When you couldn't believe how much food one box could make. / Via

Are you planning to feed a small country or nah?!

7. You were mad AF when your mom overcooked the noodles. / Via

But the instructions are right on the . . . never mind.

8. When there was only one serving left in the pot and it was up for grabs. / Via

May the best man win.

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