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5 Things that Happen When You Pursue Your Own Happiness

You'll be fine when you get there. You'll be gooooood.

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Everyone reaches a point in life when they start reevaluating the decisions they've made. Did I choose the right career? Is there anything else better for me? I'm not really happy, but what should I do about it? What's my purpose in life? Will the world ever get tired of the Kardashians? Wait - I don't know how that last question slipped in there, but stay with me.


This period in your life can make you really uncomfortable. I'm talking full-on, '2007 Britney Spears' uncomfortable (but refrain from shaving your head - you might just regret that one). Although you may not realize at the time, that same uncomfortable feeling will actually bring you closer to your breakthrough!


Once you make a decision to pursue your own happiness, the following kick-ass things will start to happen!

#1 - No f*cks will be given.


And it really is as glorious as it sounds. You'll no longer seek the validation of others, because quite frankly, you are the master of your own destiny. You'll create the life you want, and you’ll do whatever you want, when you want.

#2 - You'll become fearless.


You’ll become more confident in your decision-making, and less fearful of making mistakes, because let's face it, those are the moments that define you and help you grow!

#3 - You'll start taking more risks.


Naturally, becoming fearless will result in more risk-taking. You’ll have more faith in yourself and realize the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward! You’ll be on your way to becoming one total badass - trust me on this.

#4 - You'll tell everything negative to f*ck off.


In pursuing your own happiness, you'll quickly realize there’s no room for negativity. That complaining friend, the drama queen, the “woe is me” – nope, get it the f*ck outta here. Nothing can interrupt your positive outlook on life, so rid yourself of anything that threatens your inner peace!

#5 - You'll start putting yourself first.

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You'll realize that no one is going to treat you like, well, YOU. Therefore, you’ll stop putting everyone’s needs and wants ahead of yours and start focusing on what makes YOU happy.

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