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    • mixolidiag

      Ummm, I saw Cordelia becoming Supreme at least 3 or 4 episodes before the finale. She was the only character left that had done no wrong. Cordelia was used and abused at almost every turn. Except for plotting to kill Fiona, she was a victim most of the season. And Fiona’s death was for the good of all. That’s a theme in AHS, in which the victims become the victors or monsters & vice versa. Also, I think the season was about if you hide your true self you die. Remember that scene wit Zoe showing how over the years the coven got smaller & smaller. Then when Cordelia comes out they have a multitude of witches come out of no where.  I can agree there were lots of story lines that came out of no where or were not resolved. But that’s always been part of the show. To me each episode of any season deals with a popular horror story themes while trying to maintain an over arching theme. Because of that all three seasons have been all over the place. That’s what they said the show would be about, different urban legends & cliches. This season it was about witches. Predictably there were a bunch of femme cliches.  The writer didn’t seem to think much about the AHS theme as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show but every season has major lack of focus. Like, S1 jamming the Black Dahlia & school shootings. In what story line do those two thins live in the same context besides being horrifying? To me each episode is it’s own short horror story which barely hangs on to the overarching story. But somehow it works marvelously.

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