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    • miui2013

      * AS YOU CAN SEE THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE THAT REPRESENT CUSTOMERS THAT WE HATE AND THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE THAT REPRESENT CUSTOMERS THAT WE LOVE, NO NEED TO ARGUE, READ ALL THE COMMENTS TO SEE WHAT SERVICE INDUSTRY PEOPLE HAD TO DEAL WITH EVERYDAY. THIS IS A GOOD EVIDENCE OF HOW PEOPLE ARE JUST SELF ABSORB AND EGOISTIC*  I have been working in the restaurant business for 10 years. Working from a small business to the big name hotel, I have seen everything and more. I enjoy food, I enjoy learning how to deal with issues and practicing my patience which is why I have been working in this industry. From this experience, I learn to ignore customers that ruin your whole day and praise the customers that made my day. Being in a Philosophy and Political Science major, I took my experience and realized that humans are capable of being rational but not all live up to their ability. Humans behavior is driven by self-interest. Anything that will benefit ourselves is not “wrong” and we tend to blame other people for our misfortune. Working in the restaurant business is something everyone should try once in their life time. It will enlighten your view on society, human character and psychology. I disagree when people think that this job is low and oppressing. I think that people who have worked in this position is more well-rounded and level-headed. We (service industry people) should be sympathetic to those that does not have the opportunity to witness the reality of human being interaction. At the end of the day, I know that my kids will know how to treat people and they will be respected in return.

    • miui2013

      some people complain about the current cost of the meal, what make you think this will solve the problem? Some customer will say that, it is not their responsibility for the customer to pay since the restaurant are getting business partly from providing service, so therefore the restaurant should cover the cost..There are many ways to make excuses so that they wont have to pay. Ataplace like Chicago, the cost to runasmall business is very high with all the employee tax, soft drink tax, income tax, outdoor cafe tax, oh AND RENT ..etc If we were to pay for the employee which mean that we will need to claim all of our income then we will get taxed even more.. what is left for the hard work of openingabusiness? The only way we survive is the cash tip that the servers are getting from customer because it won’t show on our expense. Restaurant business is more complicated than what people think from the outside. Yes, some people might say…”why don’t you just get another job? if this is too much work for you to handle.. Just deal with it!” There is no way to win that argument without trying to gain sympathy.

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