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    7 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Videos You Need To See

    These montages, entrance videos, and performances are definitely ones to watch.

    Leo’s Celebrity Bar Mitzvah Montage

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    Leo is the luckiest Bar Mitzvah Boy in town. If only we get to see the reaction of 13-year-old Leo when Megan Fox said "I love you, baby".

    Blake’s Rocky Balboa Montage

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    Blake only had a few days to learn his Haftorah, so he pulled it off "Rocky Style," music and all. Definitely worth checking out.

    Kendall’s Shake It Off Bat Mitzvah Video

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    This video can easily be confused with the original music video by Taylor Swift. Kendall's friends probably all wished they thought of this idea first, since it turned out so awesome.

    Shaun’s Madonna Bar Mitzvah Performance

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    Shaun's Bar Mitzvah performance may have been in the 90s, but it is definitely an entertaining performance. Shaun is now grown up and an attorney, but we hope he is still in touch with his inner Madonna today.

    Sam’s Bar Mitzvah Performance

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    If you haven't already seen Sam on the Ellen Show, you won't believe your eyes. He took Bar Mitzvah performances to the next level. Seriously, this video makes you feel like you are in Vegas.

    Keeping Up With Chloe Bat Mitzvah Entrance Video

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    The attitude, style and effects of this video are truly Kardashian. This family sure does know how to act like the Kardashian women do on the show - they must be huge fans!

    MitzvahTV's The Mitzvah Song ft. Moms

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    Moms: if you feel left out that you never had a Bat Mitzvah video (let alone a Bat Mitzvah), you'll definitely feel included once you watch this video. Know that you are not alone.

    Putting together a unique video for your montage or grand entrance is definitely a great way to add something special to any Bar/Bat Mitzvah party!