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    Ten Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make During Grilling Season

    If you’re like most people, you’ll be grilling up a lot of meat this summer, but before firing up the grill, take steps to avoid these ten mistakes which could make for an unhappy cookout.

    1. Putting Your Raw Meat and Poultry in the Same Grocery Bag or Basket Touching Your Produce

    2. Shopping First and Running All Your Errands with Your Groceries in the Trunk

    3. Skipping the Soap Before Handling Food

    4. Using a Single Cutting Board for Raw Meat and Produce

    5. Judging Burger Doneness with Your Eyes Instead of a Thermometer

    6. Putting Cooked Meat on the Same Plate You Used to Carry It to the Grill

    7. Assuming the Organic, Grass Fed and Natural Meat and Poultry are Bacteria Free and Can be Cooked Less

    8. Eating Pink Burgers

    9. Using Leftover, Uncooked Marinade on Cooked Food

    10. Letting Leftover Food Cool Before Refrigerating