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6 super amazing street foods you simply can’t afford to miss in Delhi

Is food the one true love of your life? Then you HAVE TO visit Delhi and try these amazing foods.

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1. Momos / Via Instagram: @miteeksha

I’m a BIG fan of momos and can have it anytine anywhere. I’ve tried momos in so many places, but no one does it the way Delhi does. Delicious beyond words. *Drooling*

2. Daulat ki Chaat / Via Instagram: @naintara.maya

The first time I heard this I thought it was a spicy, tangy savoury dish. But it’s actually sweet heaven in a Kullhad. You gotta try it yourself to believe me.

3. Aloo Chaat / Via Instagram: @platescamerafood

Being from Mumbai, I’m used to the not-so-oily neither-too-crispy aloo chaatt. But once I tried the one they make in Delhi, my whole world changed forever.

4. Thukpa / Via Instagram: @thukpa

I didn’t even know such a thing existed. But it does. And it’s SOOOOO good!

5. Ram Laddoos / Via Instagram: @eaatsy

It’s like a better version of moong daal k vada. Never been much of a fan. But Delhi changed the way I looked it. And now I can’t wait to move there permanently and spend the rest of my life eating only these. They’re that good. No kidding.

6. Chole Kulche / Via Instagram: @delhi_foodaholic

How can you talk about Delhi and not mantion Chole-Kulche? If you haven’t tried this yet, you have no clue what you are missing out on. Seriously.

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