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6 Lip-Smacking Street Foods In Mumbai That Delhi Just Can't Match Up To

Mumbai Street food vs Delhi Street food. Which one's better?

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1. Vada Pav / Via Instagram: @food_mantra

Vada Pav isn't just food. It is the lifeline of Mumbai. It is every Mumbaikar's heartbeat. Vada Pav is bae. And Delhi can never offer anything even remotely as delicious as this Mumbai street food.

2. Masala Toast Sandwich / Via Instagram: @miteeksha

While you might find quite a few sandwich stalls in Delhi, none of it matches the Masala Toast you get in Mumbai. Simply delicious. Top it with cheese or sev and it's the best thing in the world to eat.

3. Cutting Chai / Via Instagram: @neil_karambelkar

Nobody does cutting chai better than Mumbai. Even that smell of elaichi and adrak the roadside vendors use is enough to get Mumbaikars all charged up.

4. Dosa

Delhi might be better than Mumbai at Punjabi dishes like Chole-Kulche, but when it comes to South-Indian delicacies like Idli and Dosa, Delhi is far from beating Mumbai.

5. Falooda / Via Instagram: @utkarshkajale

You get one of the best Falooda's in the world in this South-Bombay stall. If you haven't tasted it yet, you're seriously missing out.

6. Pav-Bhaji / Via Instagram: @do_halfplate

Pav-Bhaji is synonyms with Mumbai. No matter how hard Delhi or any other state tries, they can NEVER match upto the Pav-Bhaji you get in Mumbai.

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