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How Trump's Withdrawal Threatens The Secretive Hunt For ISIS Members In Syria

The inability of US forces to eliminate al-Qaeda networks in Iraq helped it reorganize as ISIS after Barack Obama withdrew troops in 2011.

Mike Giglio • 8 months ago

A Translator And Adviser For The German Military Has Been Arrested On Suspicion Of Spying For Iran

Prosecutors have accused the German-Afghan dual national of passing information to an Iranian intelligence service.

Mitch Prothero • 8 months ago

The US Military Says The Withdrawal Of Troops From Syria Has Begun

It follows weeks of confusion and contradictory statements over the future of the US-led coalition fighting ISIS.

Mitch Prothero • 8 months ago

A Drug-Smuggling Former Israeli Cabinet Minister Will Be Jailed For 11 Years For Spying For Iran

Asked about Gonen Segev’s claim he was acting with the knowledge of Israeli intelligence services, a Ministry of Defense official sent BuzzFeed News a poop emoji in response.

Mitch Prothero • 8 months ago

Iran Was Just Accused Of Assassinating Two People On European Soil

Two Dutch nationals of Iranian descent were murdered in 2015 and 2017.

Mitch Prothero • 8 months ago

For Many Terrorists, Survival Is Not The Goal, So Escape Is Rarely In The Plan

French police mounted a massive operation to keep the Strasbourg shooter from sneaking across the borders with Germany and Switzerland. There's no evidence that he tried to do that.

Mitch Prothero • 9 months ago

The Strasbourg Terrorist Attack Unsettled A France That Was Already Reeling From Unrest Over The Economy

Chérif Chekatt, whom French officials said shot 15 people in Strasbourg, France, on Tuesday, was still at large Wednesday as Europe declared its highest level of alert in two years.

Mitch Prothero • 9 months ago

A Gunman Opened Fire At A Christmas Market In France, Killing 2 People

Several others were injured in the attack, and authorities are investigating it as terrorism.

Mitch Prothero • 9 months ago

Now Academics Studying ISIS Are Feeling The Heat Of An Internet Crackdown

British authorities have asked one of the world’s best-known experts on ISIS to limit access to his blog.

Mitch Prothero • 9 months ago

France Is Hemorrhaging Sensitive Data, And People Are Beginning To Notice

A series of leaks raises the question of whether French authorities can be trusted to protect sensitive information.

Mitch Prothero • 9 months ago

A New Russian Leader Wouldn't Be The Only Problem Interpol Is Facing

As much of the world worries about the prospect of a Russian leading the international police agency, European law enforcement officials say Turkey is a bigger problem.

Mitch Prothero • 9 months ago

Interpol's Last Director Disappeared In A Corruption Probe. The Next One May Be Russian.

The possibility that a Russian may be appointed to head the international police agency alarmed Western officials.

Mitch Prothero • 10 months ago

It’s Not Just Trump Who Wants To Keep Selling Arms To Saudi Arabia

Europeans also are loath to give up on a lucrative client that spends hundreds of millions each year on weapons.

Mitch Prothero • 10 months ago

A Retired Colonel Accused Of Spying For Russia For 25 Years Has Been Released Ahead Of His Trial

The espionage charges — which BuzzFeed News has been told came after a tip by British intelligence — have caused huge embarrassment to Austria’s hard-right government.

Mitch Prothero • 10 months ago

A Member Of A Far-Right WhatsApp Group Plotted To Assassinate Spain’s Prime Minister, Police Say

The suspect reportedly wanted revenge over a plan to exhume the remains of Spain’s former dictator.

Mitch Prothero • 10 months ago

French Police Broke Up An Assassination Plot They Say Was Aimed At Emmanuel Macron

The arrests of six plotters came as Macron began a week commemorating the end of World War I.

Mitch Prothero • 10 months ago

One Of The Biggest Surprises Of The Khashoggi Murder Is That The Saudis Thought They Could Get Away With It

In recent years, the advent of photo recognition technology and the growth of CCTV surveillance has made international hit squads easier to detect.

Mitch Prothero • 10 months ago

A Serbian Nationalist Will Become One Of Bosnia’s Three Presidents

Milorad Dodik, who was sanctioned in January 2017 by the Obama administration for obstructing peace efforts in Bosnia, won election to the country’s three-way presidency.

Mitch Prothero • 11 months ago

A Serbian Politician Has Become A Flashpoint In Bosnia's Election Campaign

Milorad Dodik has sparked concerns that he's too close to Russia and spends too much on lobbying in the United States.

Mitch Prothero • 11 months ago

Time In Prison Is What European Terrorists Have In Common, A New Study Says

The study looked at 225 terrorism cases. ISIS recruits from France and the United Kingdom often had been in prison before joining the terrorist group.

Mitch Prothero • One year ago