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John Cena....................BORING

My take on the tedium of booing John Cena

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"Same old shit, same old shit, same old shit" I thought I was watched John Cena at the start of Monday Night Raw this week. I'm getting absolutely bored with it all, its tedium to the extreme. I don't mean John Cena himself, I mean the "mixed" reaction he received once more from the live crowd.

John Cena is not the greatest technical wrestler of all time, he is not the greatest on the stick, but he is pretty damn good at both and works his ass off and frankly deserves better. In the past while he has put over Daniel Bryan (clean), Randy Orton (clean(ish)) and is set for a Wrestlemania 30 showdown against one of the youngest members of the WWE roster, Bray Wyatt, and will probably do the job there.

He is not involved currently in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture and looking to the immediate future I don't see him being involved again anytime soon. Not with the well deserved, exciting and meteoric rise of Daniel Bryan and then you have the excellent Roman Reigns, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler et al, all hopefully waiting in the wings. A lot of talent right there.

So my question, is what more do these people want from him?

On Monday it was ridiculous, Cena came down after Hulk Hogan had done his promo, so he never interrupted the icon, it was the start of the show, so not main event slot, and when he did speak it was good and interesting and overall a worthwhile segment. And he still ended up getting a "mixed" reaction from the "smart" fans. Give him a break!

He has quite noticeably this year been changing his promo style to take on more of a veteran's role and a lot of talk of newer and younger guys having to go through him to make their name in the business, and take their seat at the top table. Of course they should and I know some "smart" fans don't like that. Why? Because they know best? No!

Cena himself had to go through the same process. He went up against older stars like Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Chris Jericho etc and is a route he had to, as that is how progression works, my friends.

And people who complain have to remember at the end of the day he has virtually no control over this. He is playing the part that Vince McMahon is asking him to play and he does it very well indeed. Unfortunately as far as his legacy goes, (Wyatt has brought this up a few times) I fear that we will only appreciate Cena fully once he is gone.

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