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    Which "The Player And The Doodler" Personality Are You?

    The Player and the Doodler is a web series/Let's Play channel where The Player plays video games while The Doodler draws pictures related to said video games, and at the end of the stream we show off the doodles. In honor of its one-year anniversary, here is the official Player and Doodler Personality Quiz! (And, yes, there are more possibilities than just "The Player" and "The Doodler.")

    1. 1. You are a lazy janitor serving aboard a starship. What do you call yourself?

      Space Quest I
    2. 2. You gaze into a magic mirror and it shows you your one true love. What do you see?

      King's Quest II
    3. 3. You have just obtained the Black Cauldron, an artifact of immense power. Three witches offer to trade you for it. Which do you accept?

      The Black Cauldron (video game)
    4. 4. Your name is Tuk. You wish to go to town. How will you get there?

      Tuk Goes to Town
    5. 5. You are a game developer for Atari in the early 1980's. Nolan Bushnell, creator of Atari, asks you to come up with a new game idea. What do you pitch to him?
    6. 6. Oh no! Micro Machines racer Jethro has lost another race! What will happen to his grandmother?

      Micro Machines (NES)
    7. 7. Of these options, which would you choose as a catchphrase?
    8. 8. You have been tasked to save the world from being destroyed by a giant space hedgehog nearly 1,000 years from now. Who do you take with you?

      Chrono Trigger
    9. 9. You've been kidnapped by an evil wizard and forced to do his bidding! How do you escape?

      King's Quest III
    10. 10. The eccentric Dr. Brain needs a new lab assistant! How will you show you are the best person for the job?

      The Castle of Dr. Brain
    11. 11. Finally, which doodle best describes you?
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