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    • missyh4

      The people that comment on how cruel it is to cropadog’s ears have obviously never been aroundanewly cropped pup. The procedure is less invasive thanaspay procedure (if done byalicensed vet). The pups are sedated and when they wake up they are stitched and in minimal, if any, pain. Yes, cropping is purely cosmetic only.  My pup was cropped at 14 weeks old. She stayed the night at the vet’s office. WhenIpicked her up the next morning she was her normal happy self. It had no ill effect on her whatsoever.  When cropping is done forashow dog, the reason is because an unsightly natural ear set is consideredafault.  This pup’s crop is horrendous. It was obviously done either at home, or byavery inexperienced vet. The crop itself is too long, and they didn’t even cut any of the bell. It basically looks like whoever did it simply cut off the top of the ear flap at an angle. It does NOT look this bad because it isafresh crop. Nor is it because the ears are folding over.

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