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    31 Toys From Target That Should Keep Your Kids Entertained For Hours

    Would you look at that — you have some time to yourself.

    1. A marble run because all kids (and parents) love marbles! Watching these marbles zip and zoom down the tubes and slides is such a fun activity. This is definitely on our holiday shopping list.

    Kids playing with marble run

    2. A Whacky Ball toy so your kiddo can positively redirect their anger! This super duper toy comes with four balls a mallet and a fun little set-up to watch the balls go down after you whack 'em! This toy is also educational because you can teach and identify colors with the balls!

    Whacky ball toy

    3. A bag of balls that are perfect for filling a pack 'n' play or just throwing around the yard. These lightweight, durable plastic balls are made with nontoxic materials and are easy to clean. So get *rollin'*!

    a child playing with the balls

    4. A Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes that is sure to become your little one's new favorite travel toy. Ditch those annoying musical toys, your babe can now toggle their way through recreated classical masterpieces from Chopin to Mozart and more.

    Two babies holding the Baby Einstein Take Along Tune

    5. A Little Tikes golf set perfect for toddlers. The set includes two golf clubs and three golf balls so kids can share. It's totally *on par*!

    Kids playing with Little Tikes golf set

    6. A multipurpose wobble balance board to keep those busybodies occupied and work on their core strength. You could be raising the next pro surfer or skater!

    Child balancing on the wobble board

    7. A Micro Mini Kick Scooter with LED Lights so your child can scoot around town in style. This is a serious game-changer, ditch the stroller, slap a helmet on their head, and go for a nice scoot around the block. Plus it lights up so it makes for a nice evening time activity after dinner.

    8. And another classic, an Etch A Sketch — it's guaranteed to provide hours of focused fun. Stick your kid in front of this thing instead of the TV — soon you will be begging for a turn!

    Kid with parenting using Etch A Sketch

    9. A Let's Go Fishin' Game to occupy your little one for at least an hour. My kid went absolutely gaga over this toy. He spent a good amount of time with it and he is only two! This classic cult toy is a family favorite.

    Let's Go Fishin' game

    10. A Lego Minecraft Treehouse set perfect for your little builder. Children will rebuild and reconfigure this wonderfully convertible and customizable playset again and again to explore imaginative play-and-display possibilities that never end. It is great for kids 9 years old and up and comes with 909 pieces.

    Kid playing with Minecraft Lego set

    11. And! An AT-AT Walker Lego set for kiddos 10 years old and up. This set is a blast from the past that is sure to excite all OG Star Wars fans, too! It is 1,276 pieces and comes with six figures — a great *mission* for rainy days!

    AT-AT LEGO set with figures

    12. A creative starter kit for an iPad to help spark your kiddo's interest in drawing! It provides fun-filled and award-winning learning games that interact with your child's iPad. This Osmo creative starter kit brings your child's drawings to life, and WiFi is not necessary to use it!

    13. A Machine in Motion STEM Learning Kit so your kiddos can make their creations come to life. This kit boosts fine motor skills while promoting reasoning as children create moving experiments. The learning process gets more intricate as children’s abilities advance! Cool!

    14. A Strider Classic balance bike that helps little ones effortlessly transition to big-kid bikes. Take it from a cycling mom — the Strider is the only balance bike I trust.

    Two kids riding balance bike outdoors

    15. A glow up mini drone that is perfect for kids who are interested in tech — or especially interested in the drone phenomenon. Flip, drift, and climb through the air while performing exciting stunts and fearless tricks! Plus, it's at a price that won't break the bank.

    A light-up drone flying at night

    16. A Fujifilm Instax Mini camera bundle to inspire kids to take pictures in a fun way! This bundle includes a lavender camera, batteries, and a 10-pack of film.

    Purple Instax mini camera with film

    17. A 91-piece art set that is sure to inspire your little ones to be the next Picasso or Frida! With paints, pastels, pencils, and markers your child is on their way to enrolling in art school. It also comes in a convenient wooden carrying case for creating on the go!

    18. A Dot Art activity kit because we are always looking for fun alternatives to redirect energy in our household! These markers are seriously great and they are mess-free! They encourage hand-eye coordination and color recognition while helping your child develop reading and spelling skills. It's the whole shebang!

    19. A scratch art set to explore different mediums with your budding artist. This set is a great educational gift for kids four years and up. It includes 16 scratch art sheets (four rainbow, four white-coated rainbow, four light-catcher, and four silver holographic), two stylus tools, and three frames. Talk about a deal!

    20. An alphabet bead kit that comes with over 800 beads. There are unlimited possibilities as to what you will spell out. With the five yards of colored elastic, you can make just about15 bracelets. Use this kit for a party activity and everyone can take a bracelet that they made home as a party favor.

    21. A glow-in-the-dark slime kit because who doesn't love slime?! It includes glue that glows in the dark for electrifying arts, crafts, and slime. These brilliant neon colors truly come to life when the lights go out!

    Kid pulling slime

    22. A kinetic sand construction site kit so your little digger can get down to business. My kid loves this stuff, he can't get enough of it! It's also a great sensory activity that your kiddo will enjoy for hours, believe me!

    Kid playing with kinetic sand

    23. A water bead kit that will surely impress your kiddo. We love these around my house. We pull them out, add water, then watch them grow! It's a great opportunity to talk about science, learn colors, and practice math. The kit comes with 2,500 beads, two scoops, and two tweezers.

    24. A dino fossil dig kit where kids will excavate a realistic T. rex replica tooth from inside the dig brick. Spark their curiosity for dinosaurs and paleontology with this kit that comes with an excavation tool, brush, and magnifying glass to help find the fossil.

    25. A light-up air rocket kit because stompin' the launch pad and watching rockets soar up to 100 feet sounds dope! They light up making it a super fun nighttime activity and there is the option to choose different flight paths with its adjustable launch base. You, I mean your kids...will blast off to *planet fun* with these rockets!

    Girl jumping on air rocket

    26. A Candyland board game to satisfy your kid's sweet tooth, although it doesn't come with real candy. This game was always one of my childhood favorites!

    27. A No Stress Chess Board Game that uses an innovative deck of action cards to help beginners to learn. It also comes with a two-sided board: one side is for beginners and the other side is for standard play. Get this game for your child who is interested in solving puzzles and they are sure to be on their way to being the next chess wizard!

    The No Stress Chess game

    28. And The Game of Life because we all know that this is the game that can last for hours. Saddle up because you will watch your kids get to make some big life decisions! They can choose whether or not to go to college, to get married, grow their family, or retire early. It's an interesting game to say the least.

    29. A kids' play camping set to get your child excited about that upcoming camping trip. This set comes with nine pieces and features a realistic battery-powered pretend stove and lantern.

    Kids playing with camp set

    30. A digital camera for kids — it's easy to use *and* affordable! This cute camera will help your budding photographers master their skills and maybe they will stop asking to use your phone all the time!

    Mint green digital camera

    31. And a pair of 16-mile walkie-talkies because what kid is not excited about going on a secret mission and communicating their findings from the other side of the house? Trust me, any kid would be stoked to get a pair of walkie-talkies as a gift!

    the two walkie talkies in black

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