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    20 Toys From Target For The Backyard That'll Keep The Kids Entertained For The Rest Of The Summer

    It's time to get those kiddos of yours outside and having fun in the sun.

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    1. A blow up swimming pool because this magical rainbow unicorn pool is too cute to pass up. It is small and perfect for littler ones who are just getting used to being in the water outside of the tub. It's also a great way to beat a heat wave!

    kid in blow up pool

    2. And a Finding Dory fish game that'll make a pool day even more fun. This game includes all your favorite characters from the beloved Disney classic and a unique Mr. Stingray net to catch them.

    kid with finding dory game

    3. A bag of water balloons that you can fill in seconds to cool down during those extra hot days. These are a seriously great time for the entire gang; I always have a few bags of these on hand so we can have some good old silly fun!

    4. A toddler basketball set because every little baller needs their first hoop. We have this hoop at home and enjoy playing with it outdoors to get some fresh air. The kids love pretending to shoot 3-pointers like Stephen Curry.

    Kids playing with basketball set

    5. A set of activity cones so you can set up drills and activities outside for your kid. These cones can also be used to work on balance, counting, and colors. If you have a 3-year-old like me, they also provide hours of stacking fun!

    Kid playing with activity cones

    6. A bocce ball set because it's never too early to introduce them to the wonderful world of bocce ball. We played this game at our last vacation spot, and the kids all had a blast!

    people playing bocci ball

    7. A hopscotch sprinkler that my 3-year-old can't get enough of! We don't have a proper yard, but we just hook the hose up to this amazing splash pad and let him go wild in front of our house. The neighbors enjoy it just as much as he does. And it's the perfect game to practice his counting.

    The hopscotch sprinkler

    8. A Little Tikes golf set that is perfect for toddlers. My 3-year-old loves hitting the greens (our front yard) and teeing off into the garage! It's totally *on par.*

    Kids playing with Little Tikes golf set

    9. A wooden corn-hole set that keeps my kids occupied daily! This game is great because you can take it to the park, beach, and camping. We love working on our counting and colors when we play as well!

    10. A bubble wand kit so you can enjoy bubbles all day long. Bubbles are my go-to activity if I feel a meltdown coming on. They always do the trick and get my toddler in a much better mood. Try it, I promise they help!

    bubble wand kit

    11. A dino splash pad because why not?! This prehistoric water zone looks like every toddler's dream! I showed this to my kid, and he said "I get." Need I say anymore?

    dino splash pad

    12. A ladderball set that is tons of fun for the entire fam. Plus, it's travel-friendly and easy to take along to any gathering, whether you're going to the beach, park, or camping.

    people playing ladder ball

    13. A water table so you can set up all types of water and sensory activities outdoors. A water table is always a good idea if you are looking to cool down and enjoy some good old-fashioned water play!

    kids playing with water table

    14. A T-Ball set so your little one can perfect their swing! Looking to get them outside more? Then, this is the purchase for you! Eyyyy batter, batter, your kid will be out on the field in no time with this set.

    Kid using T-Ball set

    15. A glow-in-the-dark capture the flag game literally too cool to pass up. This game is great for upcoming outdoor birthday parties or reunions.

    kids playing capture the flag

    16. A pack of sidewalk chalk so you and your kiddo can doodle and draw silly things outside. If you don't have a pack of chalk in your outdoor arsenal of games, now is the time to invest. These are a great way to practice numbers and letters with your child outside instead of inside at a desk.

    picture of chalk

    17. The ultimate yard game setup because this setup comes with all the essentials to start your own outdoor brewery — I mean play zone.

    yard game set up

    18. A classic swingball game — to get the whole family playing. The purpose of the game is similar to tetherball, which brings me back to my days on the courts of elementary school! This game can be set up almost anywhere, which makes it fun to bring to parks, camping, or friends' houses.

    Kids playing swingball game

    19. A Koosh double paddle that is a blast from the past. Koosh is an awesome alternative to paddle ball because it is a soft and lightweight ball. Plus, you can play it indoors without worrying about breaking things with this ball!

    Kid playing with a Koosh double paddle

    20. And for the family that has the extra yard space, a trampoline to help build speed and agility. The enclosure net and no-gap design provide a safe environment for your kiddos to enjoy hours of endless fun. My in-laws have one of these, and the kids are seriously *head over heels* for it!

    picture of trampoline

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