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    25 Parenting Products Under $50 From Target That'll Basically Pay For Themselves Over And Over Again

    We've got you covered with game-changing products that'll help you parent smarter and more efficiently.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A soothing eczema cream for babies (and parents) with sensitive skin. This cream can be used daily, it is made without harmful ingredients and is dermatologist-approved!

    Eczema cream

    2. A pack of two faucet extenders because washing hands is important so let's make sure our littles can do it easily! These extenders fit most faucets and help instill healthy habits early on.

    faucet extenders

    3. And a lightweight stool to help your toddler reach the faucet! Our kids love this stool because it gives them a sense of independence. We also like that it comes with an extra step to help them get to their destination easier.


    4. A Skip Hop Baby Changing Clutch that'll totally change your diaper routine when you are on the go. You can also strap it to your wrist or clip it to your stroller for quick and easy access. You never know when and where you are going to have to do a diaper change and if there is a changing table in the restroom — this gizmo is the perfect solution. It also has plenty of large pockets to store all your diaper changing essentials.

    Baby on changing station

    5. A bathtime fishing pole because it'll keep your little one engaged and occupied during bathtime. This bath toy is great because it helps toddlers concentrate on picking up the magnetic bobbers. My kid played a full 30 minutes in the bath when we got this! Just the right amount of time for this mama to slap on a face mask and relax.

    toddler with fishing pole

    6. A three-pack of hooded bath towels that come in awesome dinosaur prints! Reviewers are raving about how soft and easy these are to use for their babies and small children.

    Three bath towels

    7. A bottle sterilizer you can conveniently put in the microwave. This gizmo is great for traveling so you can have sterile bottles on the go! It is also great to use at home as it is a cheaper option to the electric sterilizers.

    8. A Windi the Gaspasser to help provide instant relief for gassy and colicky babies. Parent reviewers say it really works which is fantastic news, because when your baby is colicky or gassy you want to try anything and everything under the sun.

    9. A car seat protector because your car deserves it! We just purchased a new car and use this cover to help keep our leather so fresh and clean clean!

    car seat protector

    10. And a back seat organizer that we also just purchased to protect the back of the passenger seat and to keep my little guy's things nice and organized! Our son loves that he now has his own space for everything and is stoked to go on our next road trip!

    baby with back seat organizer

    11. A small pink trash can to hang on the back of your seat so you can continue to keep your car neat and tidy. With kiddos there is always trash from snacks and treats, so I invested in this product and it totally changed our trash game. I can't recommend investing in one of these enough!

    small pink trash can

    12. Time to Pee! by Mo Willems that'll help you get through the oh-so-fun potty training months. Our family is a huge fan of Mo Willems so when it came time to potty training this was a must-have! It's hilarious and really gets them pumped to PEE!

    Time to Pee! book

    13. And a toddler potty so you can get them stoked about using a toilet their own size. My son loves this potty, and the fact that it has its own flush buttons really gets him *going*! It is also super easy to clean.

    toddler on potty

    14. The Dad Lab: 50 Awesome Science Projects book to help kick start some fun science activities now that school is out. You can pull off these super simple science experiments with your kids using materials found around the house. Defy gravity with a ping ball or make slime with just two ingredients — this book is jam packed with hours of educational activities!

    The Dad Lab book

    15. And a National Geographic science kit perfect for kids 8-years-old and up complete with over five activities to learn about the wonders of our big beautiful earth.

    16. A toddler harness backpack to keep your little ones close during your adventures together. Parents are raving about how this product is the perfect solution for traveling, especially when at the airport.

    backpack leash

    17. In My Heart, a *heart warming* book about a working mother who reassures her child that even when they're apart, they're always in each other's hearts. This is definitely on this working mom's list to read to my toddler.

    In My Heart book

    18. A reusable diaper cover for parents who choose to go the cloth diaper route. Parents are raving about how this cover has saved them money and the stress of diapering. It is also very versatile because it can be used as a swim diaper! Hooray for double whammies!

    baby with reusable diaper

    19. An adorable waterproof bag you can throw wet diapers or clothes in while you are out and about. This versatile bag is machine washable, odor and stain resistant, and an all around great idea, especially for our planet!

    waterproof bag

    20. A classic Etch A Sketch guaranteed to provide fun in a creative way. Stick your kid in front of this thing instead of the TV — soon you will be begging for a turn! We also use this when we go on long car rides to keep fidgety hands busy.

    21. A pack of two rainbow cloth bibs that'll come in handy when you're feeding baby extra messy foods. These can also be used as burp cloths when they are in their tiniest stages. (AND beyond that we use our old cloth bibs and burp cloths for rags around the house!)

    rainbow bibs

    22. A bottle-drying rack that we love and still use today to put our dishes on after they get out of the dishwasher. It is durable, easy to wash, BPA-free, and sooooooo cute!

    Bottle drying rack

    23. A pack of 12 reusable cloth wipes because let's face it: we can all be more sustainable for the sake of our growing children. Maybe cloth diapers are not for you, and that's ok! Perhaps a cloth reusable wipe could be a simpler alternative step to help reduce waste?! These wipes are fragrance free and machine washable so you can get a lifetime of wiping out of them!

    Cloth reusable wipes

    24. A cute pouch to store the above wipes so you are not rummaging through your bag to find them. You can also use it as a snack bag, or to stash pacifiers and other teething toys. These bags are machine washable and come in a variety of cute cute prints!

    snack pouches

    25. The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel J Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson, a must-read for parents who are looking for a fresh and new approach to help their child chill out with compassion. I really enjoyed how the authors rooted their strategies in brain science, yet parents don't have to be brain scientists to understand!

    The Whole Brain Child cover

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