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    40 Parenting Products Our Readers Are Loving In 2022

    including some very handy snack catchers so you can stop sitting on a mountain of crumbs.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A musical toy that all babies seem to love. I am not sure why but this is the toy you want in your toy basket. This toy is great for babies three months and older. Soothe your new bundle of joy with the classical sounds of Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, and Rossini with the Baby Einstein Take-Along Tunes!

    reviewer's photo of the toy

    2. A growth chart so you can keep track of how your little peanut is growing. This lovely ruler chart has a minimal design that will compliment any nursery theme. It also makes for a perfect baby shower gift!

    3. A pack of reward punch cards that'll change your whole life — I promise! We started to implement these cards at home to get through homework, chores, and other tasks and my kids are entirely different people. They love the reward system of punching a hole in the cards and then getting a small prize when the card is full!

    reviewer's photo of the punch cards

    4. A silicone teething toy because it's easy for baby to hold. Plus, this pediatrician recommended teether is BPA-free and super easy to clean!

    reviewer's photo of baby with teething toy

    5. A pack of two snack catchers, literally the only containers we used when our son started solid snacks. These genius catchers make for a mess-free snack time. Every parent's dream come true!

    reviewer's photo of kid using snack catcher

    6. A pack of toddler scavenger hunt cards because setting up a scavenger hunt with a restless toddler is always a good idea to spice the day up! These cards have fun and easy prompts to get your child's brain working and they are also perfect for beginning readers.

    kid with scavenger hunt cards

    7. A pack of dinosaur ice pop molds for your dino-obsessed kiddo. My 3-year-old is all about dinosaurs right now and these are perfect for helping me get hidden greens into his diet via frozen smoothies!

    reviewer's photo of a child holding a dino ice pop

    8. A pack of four safety strap locks for keeping your kids out of the fridge, oven, toilet, and other places they shouldn't be. These straps attach to any surface and can be adjusted in length making for a simple installation. We used these when our baby started crawling and they were a total game changer!

    reviewer's photo of toddler trying to open fridge

    9. And a pack of 12 clear corner protectors to add to your babyproofing regime. These are great for those super sharp corners inside your home and *are* not as bulky or an eye sore like the other corner protectors on the market.

    10. An organic healing ointment for babies that actually works! This ointment will put your mind at ease about what you are using on your new bundle of joy's skin. The ointment is made with non-toxic ingredients and helps sensitive skin that is prone to eczema and cradle cap.

    reviewer's before photo showing a rash on their baby and photo after using baby ointment

    11. A portable white noise machine to soothe the little one with relaxing tunes while you're out and about. This gadget has four lullaby tunes, can attach to almost anything, and has a 15-, 30-, and 45-minute auto shutoff.

    reviewer's photo of baby sleeping with portable noise machine

    12. A pack of stick on Fever-Bugz so you can continuously monitor your child's fever or temperature for up to 48 hours with just a quick glance. These little stickers are so neat and within seconds will light up and indicate N (for normal), 99, 101, 103, 105. These are super convenient and easy for parents who need to consistently monitor their child's temperature.

    fever bug on child

    13. And a pack of soft gel sheets to provide immediate cooling relief when your child does have a fever. These last up to eight hours and are also disposable making them perfect to use at anytime.

    reviewer's baby sleeping in the gel sheets

    14. A pack of pacifier wipes that are made by Arm & Hammer so you know they are tough. These wipes are great for your diaper bag, purse, or car because you never know when they will throw that pacifier out of their mouths! You can also use them on other things like teethers and bottle nipples.

    reviewer's photo of the wipes

    15. A pack of three sandwich cutters so you can make your very own Uncrustables to cater to those crustless requests from your little gremlins! Everyone knows kids are synonymous with not liking crust and here is the solution!

    reviewer's photo of the sandwich cutters

    16. A sight words bingo game that I wish I knew about sooner! As a mom with an 8-year-old who struggles with reading and spelling, I can confidently say that this is a must for other parents who struggle. We play Loteria at home so this purchase seems like a no-brainer!

    Kid with sight word bingo

    17. An easy booger and ear wax remover for newborns, infants and toddlers. Reviewers are loving how easy this gizmo is to use and way safer than a Q-tip or boogie sucker.

    reviewer's photo of them and baby holding the boogie remover

    18. A Dab and Dot Markers Art kit that we used to help develop our son's creativity. It creates less of a mess than paint, and encourage hand-eye coordination, all while developing reading and spelling skills.

    reviewer's photo of their child using the dot marker

    19. A bottle of vapor drops you can add to the bath, diffuser, or humidifier when your child is congested. Parents are raving about how their childrens' noses clear right up after using just a few drops. They also are loving the calming lavender and eucalyptus scent.

    reviewer's photo of the vapor drops in the diffuser

    20. A three-step cradle cap system because FridaBaby has developed a solution that actually works! First lather their scalp with the soft foam, then gently loosen the flakes with the soft brush, and lift away the residue with the fine-tooth comb. This is the only three-step regimen out there that is guaranteed to remove flakes!

    reviewer's before and after cradle cap photos

    21. A wood block puzzle to help build brain powers in growing minds. These blocks use common geometric patterns and colors to keep children busy and mentally stimulated. It also promotes creativity, eye-hand coordination, and color and shape recognition. It's a way better option than the screens you have lying around the house!

    kid playing with block puzzle

    22. A scissor skills activity book that comes with a pair of child-safe scissors so you can get your kiddo on track with their cutting! This book is filled with 20 activities to keep your kiddo engaged in a fun and safe manner.

    reviewer's picture of the scissor skills activity

    23. A gentle moisturizing cream developed by dermatologists to help soothe sensitive skin that suffers from eczema. This gentle cream is made with all-natural ingredients that will provide your baby's skin with the hydration it needs.

    reviewer's before photo showing their baby eczema and photo showing the eczema cleared up after using the cream

    24. 642 Tiny Things to Draw, a great gift for the older kids in your life, who are showing interest in the arts. This lovely book provides drawing prompts for budding artists and space for them to fuel their creativity!

    book cover

    25. A set of three kid-friendly knives specifically designed to allow your budding chef to hone their culinary skills without cutting their little fingers. The blunted tips and serrated edges make them much safer than traditional kitchen lives, so older kids who want to get in on the dinner prep action can help cut soft vegetables or desserts.

    reviewer's photo of kid using knife

    26. A magnetic calendar that'll help parents instill independence through learning and fun. Plus it comes with different magnets to track the weather, special holidays, and feelings.

    kid with magnetic calendar

    27. A pack of two kick mats for the back of your car seats because your car deserves it! We just purchased a new car and use these mats to help keep our leather so fresh and clean clean!

    reviewer's photo of kid's boots on car seat cover

    28. A Silly Poopy's Hide & Seek game that's absolutely hilarious! All you have to do is hide it, press the buttons, and then madness ensues! Get silly with your kiddos with this delightful toy!

    reviewer's photo of the rainbow poop toy

    29. And Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, another fun card game to add to your rotation that will take your family game night to the next level. It's easy to learn and wonderful for all ages. Soon enough you will be chanting taco, cat, goat, cheese, pizza all day long!

    card game

    30. A potty training watch so you can help your toddler stay on track and complete the dreaded task of potty training! This watch is great for the tech-savvy family that want to find a simple and smart solution to reminding your child to use the bathroom. It simply lights up and sings after you program the timer!

    reviewer's photo of kid with potty training watch

    31. A bath spout cover that is simply adorable and practical. This soft, tough rubber protects baby during bath time; its easy-to-adjust strap secures and tightens on most spouts.

    reviewer's photo of the bath spout cover

    32. A pack of disposable toilet seat covers so you can safely have your child use the bathroom in public. Reviewers are saying these are a total lifesaver for toddlers who are beginning potty training and don't have a lot of experience on bigger potties!

    reviewer's photo of the toilet seat covers

    33. A pack of colorful stacking cups with holes on the bottom that every baby I have ever met loves to play with. We used these in the bath and they kept my son entertained for at least 10 minutes. IF you ask me that's a super win!

    reviewer's photo of a baby with the stacking cups

    34. A hanging bath toy holder complete with suction cups so you no longer have to enter the tub with a mess of toys on the ground. Trust me, this is my new fav parenting product! This holder has draining capabilities so you can avoid mildew buildup. Now that's winning the parenting game!

    reviewer's photo of the bath organizer

    35. A detangling brush to make combing out those tangles a little easier. We are a house full of luscious long hair and this is the only brush that works without causing tears!

    kid and parent using the detangling brush

    36. A pack of hair spin pins because we are all always searching for that one hair pin that truly works and now we've found it! This pin works great for all types of hair, thick and thin, and truly *holds* up those buns and pony tails!

    reviewer holding the hair pins

    37. A set of Bob Books perfect for beginning readers because reading is tough when you have no experience! Reviewers can't stop raving about how these books have really helped their children improve their reading skills.

    reviewer's photo of a kid reading the books

    38. A pack of light switch extenders so your child can easily turn on and off the lights! This gadget is so cool and another one that is sitting in my cart right now waiting for me to hit purchase. I love how it promotes independence and helps kids who don't want to enter dark rooms do so safely!

    kid using light switch puller

    39. A Baby Yoda night-light that is way too cute. This plug-in light is perfect for kids who don't like the dark. Its soft light provides the perfect glow to help your kiddo get through the night. It also is energy efficient so you are not consuming loads of energy while leaving it on through the night!

    reviewer's photo of the Baby Yoda night light

    40. An inflatable pool so you can cool down in style this summer with the entire family. This pool boasts major chill vibes and is just the right size for a small yard. It also comes with a comfy built-in seat and cup holder!

    reviewer's photo of a kid in the inflatable pool

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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