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    31 Cheap Pieces Of Furniture And Decor From Walmart That Basically Look Like A Million Bucks

    These home pieces will transform your space into an Architectural Digest centerfold without you spending an arm and a leg.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A geometric room divider to help *divide* smaller spaces and trick guests into thinking you have more room to spare!

    Black and white geometric room divider

    2. A sleek, modern TV stand that would pair nicely with the above room divider. This piece is an essential addition to any living room. It will help easily organize and declutter your entertainment space!

    Black and wood TV stand

    3. A Himalayan salt lamp – it won't break the bank and is sure to bring calming vibes to your humble abode. Switch on this baby when you are meditating or practicing a gentle yoga flow from home.

    Himalayan salt lamp

    4. A gorgeous mid-century modern bed frame that is the bee's knees. This simple yet elegant design will bring a minimalist touch to your bedroom.

    Wood bed frame

    5. And a super-cute and comfy chunky blanket (say that five times fast) to throw at the end of your new mid-century modern bed. This blanket is perfect for cuddling up with a good book and your coffee in the morning!

    Brown chunky blanket on bed

    6. An ingenious table lamp that is stylish and practical. This two-in-one deal is easy on the eyes and will *brighten* up any room!

    7. An epic faux-leather futon at a price that can't be beaten. Now you can have people spend the night without having to pull out that bulky air mattress!

    8. And a faux-leather chair sure to pair nicely with the above futon! Sit back and enjoy all the comfort and style this chair will bring to your home.

    Brown faux leather chair

    9. A modern mixed-material pillow that'll look great on your new faux-leather chair and/or couch. This pillow doesn't skimp on comfort — it's just as enjoyable to hold or lie on as it is to look at!

    10. A set of hairpin nesting tables – they'll look simply divine in your new modern living space. The circular tabletops and hairpin legs provide a mid-century modern aesthetic that brings character to any home decor.

    Gold hairpin nesting tables

    11. A glass-and-gold bar cart that will take your entertaining skills to the next level. Put on your favorite cocktail dress and serve up your guests an old-fashioned!

    Gold bar cart with various bottles

    12. A beautifully crafted dining table sure to impress all your dinner guests. Equipped with a butterfly extension leaf, you will be able to accommodate additional guests with ease!

    13. A 12-piece dinnerware set that accommodates four place settings and comes with dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls. This set promises utility and elegance and would look great served on the above table!

    Black and white dinnerware set

    14. A pair of dining chairs to match perfectly with the aforementioned table. These simple yet elegant yellow chairs will bring a ray of sunshine to your home.

    Two yellow modern chairs

    15. A pair of gold geometric vases that you could fill with artificial flowers *or* real plants. Have a beautiful option ready for when your sweetie brings you flowers.

    Gold geometric vase

    16. A faux–fiddle-leaf fig plant so that you can bring a pop of green to your space. Don't worry about taking care of this baby, it'll thrive in any corner of your home!

    17. An adjustable wood plant stand for those with a green thumb that screams mid-century modern. This plant stand extends up to 12 inches to fit different-sized pots and perfectly hold your favorite plant baby.

    Wood plant stands holding plant

    18. A functional vanity set that will keep all your beauty supplies organized while also serving as a WFH space. This two-in-one deal is too good to pass up!

    19. A desk to ~level~ up your WFH game yet is still aesthetically pleasing. This desk is perfect for smaller spaces and offers two levels of storage with the added riser.

    Brow wood desk with chair

    20. And an office chair that'll pair nicely with that hairpin-leg desk. Do yourself (and your back) a favor and work in comfort and style!

    21. An eight-cube bookshelf – it'll look stunning in your office or living room. Fill this shelf with supplies, books, pictures, or your favorite tchotchkes!

    Bookshelf with items on it

    22. A beautiful triptych painting to hang above your couch. This serene scene will bring calming vibes to your space and leave guests very impressed.

    Three paintings above a couch

    23. A funky sunburst clock that will become a focal point or finishing touch for any room in your modern-themed home. This stunning accent piece provides next-level charm and style!

    the sunburst clock in gold

    24. A gold circular mirror so you can check your hair (and teeth) before you jet out the door. With its lovely round shape and soft gold finish, this mirror is an enchanting sight to behold in any space.

    25. A whimsical sheer scarf curtain to drape over your window or canopy bed. Decorate your home with style and class!

    White curtain scarf

    26. And an affordable yet stylish curtain rod for hanging those scarf curtains from! The set includes a rod, finials, brackets, and mounting hardware and is adjustable for windows 30- to 84-inches wide.

    White curtain hanging from gold curtain rod

    27. An outdoor bar table to switch up the atmosphere and entertain guests outside. Made from sustainable acacia wood, this piece is designed to hold up to the weather and look great for years to come!

    Bar table with wine and flowers

    28. And a pair of outdoor barstools that will match perfectly with your new bar table. This set is the perfect addition to your outdoor oasis!

    A pair of bar stools

    29. A set of bistro lights to transform your outdoor space into a magically lit Parisian night. These all-weather lights are also solar-powered, so you can stylishly illuminate your alfresco dining while saving on your power bill.

    30. An outdoor firepit that also doubles as a grill. This nifty device will keep guests warm *and* fed. It is also portable and its cosmic theme is out of this world!

    the fire pit on a patio

    31. A macramé hammock swing chair – it's the perfect addition to your home, patio, porch, or garden. It features a sturdy frame for durability with a tasteful boho-chic design so you can ~hang out~ in style!

    White macrame hammock chair

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