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    20 Of The Best Toys From Target You Can Get For Toddlers

    Here are some totally awesome toys for your tots.

    1. A garbage truck your child will think is totally awesome because it has working lights, makes sounds, and comes with two tiny bins. I don't know why kids like playing with garbage trucks, I guess I should only be worried when they start to play with trash?

    kid playing with garbage truck

    2. A Mirabel doll from Encanto because is there any child, who can't stop talking (I mean singing) about this movie? We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no — BUT we are talking about how cool this Mirabel doll is!

    Girl with Mirabel doll

    3. A dinosaur clay kit to inspire the young paleontologist in your life. This kit is unique in that it comes with three plastic dinosaur skeletons your child gets to bring to life with clay!

    4. A turtle sandbox so you don't always have to go to the beach or playground when your kid wants to play in the sand! We have this sandbox at home and I love that it comes with a cover so the neighborhood cats don't start using it as their own abode!

    Turtle sandbox

    5. And a set of sand toys to use in the above sandbox. We also have these toys and they have lasted three years of intense beach and park play. This is a seriously loved gem in our house — and yes, those bucket handles are still staying on strong!

    the sand toys

    6. A cool Monster Truck two-pack so your lil' monsters can have their very own Monster Truck rally! Race Grave Digger and Megalodon against each other and see who will come out on top!

    Kids playing with monster trucks

    7. A totally stylish wood cash register that early math learners will want to play with all day long, while they practice their counting, addition, and subtraction skills. It's also great for the family that has a modern living space and wants toys that are easy on the eyes.

    wood cash register

    8. A lovely wood tea set so you can have a pretend tea party with your little ones. OR facilitate a game of coffee shot and use the above cash register so the kiddos can feel like they are in charge for a *change!*

    Kids playing with tea set

    9. A kid's market cart if you want to take the imaginative play one step further. I mean how cute is this entire set up? Perhaps you can even get some extra cash rolling in by setting up a lemonade stand this summer?! Hey, they have to start contributing sometime!

    the play market cart

    10. An adorable fishing game that'll help promote counting, color recognition, and fine motor skills. My three-year-old son is all about this game right now — it must be the thrill of catching the fish, or the fact that he gets to reel it in? Whatever it is I am here for it!

    Kids playing with fishing game

    11. A tool workbench because busy hands need tasks to keep them busy. And this toy provides the perfect space for your little tot to tinker — and maybe even promote a future career in STEM.

    Kid with tool workbench

    12. An educational doctor kit for your budding cardiologist or pediatrician! We like to use this doctor kit to prepare our son for his upcoming check-ups. Talking and acting out activities that may seem scary to kids is one way to help prepare them. Try it out, I promise it helps!

    Bear with doctor kit

    13. A high-quality wood toy barn that is currently popular in our rotation right now. We use animals to teach our three-year-old so many different things in life. I ask him questions like what is this animal? What noise does it make? How many legs does it have? What color is it? AND he loves telling me the answers.

    Wood toy barn

    14. A city train set with electronic features that'll keep your child entertained for HOURS! This set is packed with bells and whistles to ensure a good time. All-aboard! The fun-express is about to leave the station!

    15. A great set of solid wood blocks to promote problem-solving skills through building and sorting. Who knows you could have a future engineer or architect, and it would all be thanks to a simple set of blocks!

    Kid playing with blocks

    16. A set of safari animal Magna-tiles because these magnetic tiles are all the rage. We use these tiles every day, I mean it. They help me get through folding a load of laundry, putting away dishes, and dare I say going to the bathroom ALONE?! Have I got your attention, now?! I am not *monkeying* around here with this recommendation.

    Kid playing with Magna-tiles

    17. A Peppa Pig musical kit that'll make your little piglet so happy. Almost every toddler out there is enamored by this cute British pig and now they can sing-a-long with her!

    18. A LeapFrog Touch & Learn Nature ABC Board because it's never too early to get them to learn their letters — while also fostering an appreciation for nature as they hear about weather, nature sounds, animals, and conservation.

    19. A Little Tikes golf set that's totally *on par* for toddlers. My 3-year-old is always finding new and creative things to put in this caddy around the house!

    Kids playing with Little Tikes golf set

    20. And an awesome ballon slip[-and-slide perfect for those upcoming summer days. We all grew up with the traditional slip and slide, but check out this extreme take that involves a crash landing into a pool of ballons?! Your summer will be *poppin* with this new addition!

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