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5 Times We Fell In Love With Pacey Witter From 'Dawson's Creek'

We know you loved Pacey more than Dawson. Pacey just melted our hearts time after time. Relive all the moments that made you fall for Pacey.

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4. The Time He Bought Joey A Wall


Remember when Pacey and Joey totally fell in love, but had a hard time dealing with their feelings, mainly because of Dawson? Pacey was set to leave on a sailing trip, but wanted Joey to ask him to stay, painting it on a wall he bought her where she was supposed to create a mural.

2. When He Read To Joey


After Pacey and Joey returned from their summer of sailing they felt awkward to be back in the group of friends, especially Dawson. After a tough reunion, the two went back to the boat to share their summer routine of reading to one another.

1. The Way He Knew The Real Joey


Pacey Witter not only loved Joey Potter, but he also knew her better than anyone. While Dawson was busy putting Joey on a pedestal, or criticizing her for not being perfect, Pacey knew that there were many different sides to Joey, and he loved them all.

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