10 Things “Dawson’s Creek” Taught Us About Being A Teenager

Life on the creek wasn’t always easy.

1. Making friends isn’t easy.

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Sure, Pacey, Joey, and Dawson had been friends for life, but for Jen, Jack, Andi, and Audrey entering the group wasn’t easy, but totally worth it.

2. Our parents had sex lives, too.

That’s right, our parents aren’t sexless creatures that were there to be at our beck and call. They actually had their own lives and problems.

3. Breaking up is hard.

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Joey dumped Dawson, Pacey dumped Joey, Jen dumped Dawson, ect…

4. Movies are the perfect escape.

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If Dawson Leery taught us anything it is that movies are the perfect escape from our own boring lives.

5. Having an affair with a teacher is always a bad idea.

As Pacey had to learn the hard way, having an affair with a teacher is not a good idea. Shame on you, Ms. Jacobs!

6. Your first time should be special.

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As Joey taught us, a girl’s first time should be special, and with someone she really loves. Also, if a guy brushes your hair like Pacey, he’s probably a keeper!

7. Prom isn’t always perfect.

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Joey had to find out the hard way, prom isn’t always the magical night you dream it will be. Try to enjoy it anyway.

8. Learning to drive is hard.

While driving comes naturally to some teens, others have a hard time learning the rules of the road, especially when there’s a clutch involved.

9. There are consequences to dating your best friends ex.

The Dawson/Joey/Pacey love triangle was hell to watch. Mostly because it reminded us of our own dating drama.

10. Detention can be fun.

While no one wanted to go to detention, especially on a Saturday, but sometimes the impossible would happen, and it would be the worst thing in the world.

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