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    Here Are 26 Things You Can Search On Google To Make Cool/Weird Stuff Happen

    Shhh, these will be our little secret.

    TIP: Yes, you can just follow the hyperlinks provided, but it's a lot more fun if you Google the things yourself. 

    1. Google Space

    After you search "google space," the first link should say "Google Space - Mr.doob." Now click on that and see what happens.

    2. Google Underwater

    Again, click on the first link you see there and watch what happens.

    3. Google Gravity

    This is a fun one.

    4. Do a Barrel roll 20 times

    You can type in whatever number you want BTW. Ex. "Do a barrel roll 100 times." See what happens.

    @thismightget / Via

    5. Google Zip

    Search "google zip" to unzip Google!

    6. Thanos Snap Trick

    Go ahead and click on the 1st link then press the golden Infinity Gauntlet on the right and see what happens next.

    7. Google Tilt Trick

    You know the drill by now – click the 1st link and see what happens.

    8. Let It Snow - Google Easter Egg

    1st link again and watch it snow.

    @theoffice / Via

    9. T-Rex Game

    This was made for if you don't have internet, but you can still play it if you're bored. First link again. FYI: Only works for Chrome. Use space bar or up-arrow to jump.

    10. Atari Breakout

    Tip: use your mouse or trackpad. 

    11. PAC-MAN Doodle

    Just click, play (using your arrow keys), and have fun.

    12. Zerg Rush

    Click the 1st link and... well, you'll see what happens.

    @superdeluxe / Via

    13. Google Spring

    Watch Google spring. No literally. (1st link)

    14. Flip a Coin

    For real. It makes making decisions super easy!

    15. Roll a Die

    You lost your dice? No problem.

    16. Askew

    This one's mildly frustrating. But now at least you know the meaning of the word!

    @womenshistorymonth / Via

    17. Recursion

    Even if you spell it right, it'll say "Did you mean: recursion" Again, frustrating but now you know the meaning.

    18. Anagram

    Look at the definition and then the  "Did you mean:..."

    19. Answer to life, the universe, and everything


    20. What's my IP address?

    Google knows everything. smh

    Troublemaker Studios/Dimension Films / Via

    21. Festivus

    Seinfeld reference, anyone? Tip: look at the result count under the search bar and toward the left side of the screen.

    22. Betty White bacon number

    Google tell you the degrees of separation between Betty and Kevin Bacon.

    23. [lyrics that've been stuck in your head but you can't remember the name of the song] lyrics

    If you have lyrics stuck in your head but can't seem to remember the song, just search the lyrics, and Google can tell you what the song is. I use this pretty often.

    24. Google Sky

    You can literally look through the sky. No joke.

    25. Google Maps Space

    You can explore entire planets. Wild, huh?

    Let me know which one was your favorite in the comments!

    @marvelstudios / Via
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