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My Top 10 Best (and Recommended) Lisa Frank Characters

We love all of these colorful characters, but who ranks the best of the best?

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Unicorn trapper keepers, rainbow kitty stickers, and backpacks with leopards oh my!

Lisa Frank Inc

Some of you 80s and 90s kids may remember going back to school shopping only to find everything you need in Lisa Frank. Starting as a college student, Lisa Frank built an empire of brightly colored characters and plastered them all on everything and I bought all of it (well most of it). Did you know that these colorful critters had names and personalities? Well now you'll know! Here's my own personal take on my childhood favorites.

10. Peekaboo

Lisa Frank Inc

A flower power turtle that likes to play hide-and-seek, he was really popular in my elementary classes and yeah, I might've had some pencils with his cute face on them. Too bad turtles don't normally come with a floral pattern shell, but at least we have this cutie!

9. Hollywood Bear

Lisa Frank Inc

This guy had to grow on me, the bears not my favorite characters, though my least favorite ever was anything NOT a cute animal so at least he fits that category. Maybe if La La Land included Hollywood Bear it would've been an even bigger hit.

8. Panda Painter

Lisa Frank Inc

You can guess that he's a Panda and, well, he paints. He works in his studio making colorful works of art which are so vibrant and fun that they come to life! Could he be the true identity of the mysterious Lisa Frank? Quite possible.

7. Forrest

Lisa Frank Inc

Sometimes seen with his fawn friend Emerald, for now I'm just gonna give this spot to the technicolor tiger. His mischievous but charming eyes are hard to resist, but every time I look at him I just feel like have a stick of Fruit Stripe gum (another childhood staple)!

6. Casey and Candy

Lisa Frank Inc

It was hard to pick which pups were the cutest, but these two take the spot with their bright coats very much pulling of the rainbow accessories. Though I've always wondered and hoped if that sundae they're eating is safe for them.

5. Playtime and Sunflower

Lisa Frank Inc

Just like that we're back to cats! These two are possibly the most iconic kitties of the roster, I use to dream of owning a purple kitten because of them. Vivid memory of me carrying homework in my "super cool" Playtime and Sunflower folder. Heck, I'd rock that carrying paperwork from my job!

4. Skye

Lisa Frank Inc

Almost everyone I knew growing up with Lisa Frank had something Skye, even if he wasn't their favorite I always saw binders, pencils, and LOTS of stickers. Heck, I even had the little beanie plush that I carried in school (almost lost him many times).

3. Sandy the Seal

Lisa Frank Inc

My Hawaiian family vacation would have been nothing without my awesome Sandy the Seal backpack, clear with all the little Sandy's swimming around my stuff. Sometimes called Reef, this guy lives in the Rainbow Reef with colorful fish, maybe he's even met with the one and only Rainbow Fish himself?

2. Markie

Lisa Frank Inc

The ruler of Trapper Keepers and one of the most iconic images of Lisa Frank if not the poster unicorn for them. Bonus points for being a SPACE unicorn, beat that cow jumping over the moon! I wonder if Markie ever met up with the Lisa Frank aliens in their bodacious Volkswagen Bug (honorable mention to those adorable ETs).

1. Hunter

Lisa Frank Inc

Haha you expected a cat, but it was leopard! The cutest leopard to be more specific. My number one pick, Hunter stickers dominated my bedroom walls and binders full of Pokemon cards. Another backpack I carried around, I hated schoolwork but din't mind holding it in my stylish tropicana colored leopard.

There's many characters I love that didn't quite make my list, I don't hate of them really. I even had some shirts and notebooks with the non-animal characters that's how proud I was as a Lisa Frank kid! With the adult make-up kit coming soon, maybe a resurgence is coming for the old and young crowd? I hope!

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