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23 Signs You're In Mohebban

Think you know Mohebban?

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23. When you first started at Mohebban, you were nervous that you wouldn't fit in. But after the first day...

22. The Mohebban teachers are your best friends/counselors/fake parents, and you have a special relationship with each

Although they may not feel the same way...

21. When it comes to sports, you think you're a pro! but in reality...

I feel as if I mostly relate to this gif

20. Snack time is your favorite time of day

19. When it comes to Quran classes, you fear your turn to read

18. When it's time to pick clubs for next Quarter, you pray harder than you ever have

Oh the suspense...

17. When the club you want is chosen

16. Aaand when its not

I feel this one more often

15. When the speaker asks you a question during a lecture because they thought you weren't paying attention, and you answer correctly

14. When you're asked to write for the Mohebban website

13. The lounge is the best thing to ever happen in Mohebban

12. The best part is you don't even have to ask for the wifi password!

11. The ping pong table is your biggest addiction yet

10. If someone catches you eating in The Lounge

psshh..this has never happened to me...

9. Eventually throughout Mohebban you've learned so much that you feel like

8. But when summer break starts, you go into a full-time post Mohebban depression phase

7. Except when Ramadan is during the summer... then you see your friends at IEC and act like you haven't seen each other in ages

6. If you stayed up all night to write one of the Fatimiyah plays

5. Aaand if you stay up all night in play practice

4. When you get assigned Mohebban homework to go along with your weekly schoolwork

3. When you enter The Lounge and realize it is the opposite gender's day to be there

2. If you ever get your hands on Sr. Maryam and Br. Ehsans baby...

Just grab and run

1. But whatever happens, you love Mohebban because it's more than a youth group, it's your family!

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