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Happy Goth Day To You! 66 Pixxx Celebrating World Goth Day!

What did you do for World Goth Day?! Check out these happy goths stoked its World Goth Day!! Including Oh-My-Gothness photos from the largest Goth celebration in the World (aka Wave-Gotik-Treffen).

1. Hope you had a Happy Goth Day! I know I did! Love, Miley

2. Happy Happy Goth Day to the World!

3. Goth-punk babe sending you World Goth Day love.

4. This goth chick waited for an entire year to laugh.


6. Lyfe doesn't stink today!

7. "Happy goth day to yoou...Happy goth day too yoou... Happy goth day, Haappy goth daaaay..."

8. Frolecking goth

9. Goths just wanna have fun!


11. Dancing Queen of Darkness

12. This lady is just happy her sunblock is killing it.

13. Oh you silly cyber goth :)

14. Patiently waiting for the celebration to begin.

15. Happy thoughts.

16. I kissed a goth and I liked it.

17. "The hills are alive with the sound of..."

18. First sight of her dark prince--he's even better looking than his online photos!

19. Racing home from work for the Facebook online dance party!

20. Goth MILF.

21. Oh-my-goth- what adorable couple!

22. This is what unfiltered joy looks like.

23. Party Goth

24. Cutesy Goth.

25. Sorority goth.

26. Cheeeze!

27. I scream, you scream we all scream for...

28. Sophisticated drunk goth.

29. Hello Kitty. Happy World Goth Day to you!

30. Happy Meal for this Happy day.

31. Not goth = Not fun.

32. Smiling on the inside.

33. All smiles under those masks

34. Cyber-punk-goth love

35. No words.

36. Pain is a state of mind.

37. Beauty Queen Goth.


39. Happy goth. Happy baby?? You decide.

40. Pucker Up babes!

41. Love at first site.

42. Ear to ear grin.

43. This is what serenity looks like.

44. Goth Day family portrait

45. The Goth people are generally accepting of other subcultures

46. World Goth Day is this hand's new favorite holiday!

47. Scene Queen Goth.

48. Shooting the dark love arrow. Oh joy!


50. Goth glove love.

51. Enjoying nature.

52. This dude forgot his goth gear. Bike faster!

53. This guy's inner goth (and zombie?) is dying to get out!


55. Points for creativity!

56. High 10!








64. Taylor Goth.