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Happy 23rd Birthday, Ed Sheeran!

In honor of Ed Sheeran's birthday, here is a list of the top 15 reasons why Ed is the most amazing and humble person around.

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1. His Amazing Plans for His 23rd Birthday


Most people go out and party and do stupid things on their birthday, but not Ed. He is reminiscing of the great moments of his life (watching old family videos) and eating a great meal!

2. He Adopted a Kitten and Named it Graham and Made Him a Twitter


Ed adopted this one month old kitten after he learned that he would be put to sleep if he was not adopted. Then he proceeded to love Graham unconditionally and even give him his own twitter account. Follow graham @GrahamShizza

8. He Knows Exactly How to Make Women Fall in Love With Him


But not in the "I'm so cool, you should love me" sort of way. In the "I'm a normal person that you could meet in a bar, I just also happen to write amazing songs and sing like an angel" sort of way.

9. His Favorite Movie is Shrek on VHS


Loving it so much that you can even find a line about it in his song, Wake Me Up, "I know you love Shrek 'cause we've watched it 12 times. But maybe you're hoping for a fairy tale too. And if your DVD breaks today, uou should've got a VCR. Because I've never owned a Blue ray, true say,"

He also has a tattoo of Puss in Boots to combine his love of Shrek and cats.

10. He Wants to Give His Fans Everything


In April 2011, Sheeran announced he would be playing a free show at The Barfly in Camden, London. Over 1000 fans turned up to the gig, prompting Sheeran to play four separate sets, including one on the street outside the venue after it had closed, so that everyone got to see him perform.

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