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8 Things People Pin And Never Use

Pinning is obsessive, there's no doubt about that. But how much do we pin thinking, "I'm totally going to use that!" and then never do?

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1. Workouts


Everyone makes that "Working it Out" or "Thinspiration" board (guilty!) thinking they're going to do every single workout they pin, but let's be honest, we usually don't even look back at it. But we keep pinning!

2. DIY Projects


There are so many things you see other people do that look so easy and you think, "I could totally do that!" In reality, you don't actually do it, or out of the 1,000 DIY projects you pin, you try one and it takes so much of your time and energy you decide to wait a year before you start the next project.

3. Nail Art


This has less to do with us thinking we'll do it, and more to do with wishing we had to ability to do it. And some do! And I honor them. But most of us wind up with something that deserves to be on the "Pinterest Fails" board, or not even trying at all.

4. Beverages


We always pin the fun looking drinks that we tell ourselves we'll bring to parties and special occasions, but in all honestly, the pretty drinks are so much work and it's way easier to just grab a beer.

5. Redecorating Ideas


So often do we want to change little things about our lives, like the way our room looks. But in all reality, there's always a lack of budget and a boatload of hopeful thinking. We usually don't end up changing anything, but it's fun to look at pretty images and dream.

6. Clothing


Appropriately titled, "What I Wish My Closet Looked Like," because majority of the clothes we pin are SOOOO cute and trendy and everything we want in a wardrobe. But who are we kidding, most of the links don't even go to clothing websites and we have no idea where to find these clothes let alone the prices.

7. Food


Boards we label as "Recipes" should really be labeled as "Food Porn" because that is all it will ever be for us. I'm sure that many people have actually tried these recipes, myself included, but they don't turn out exactly how we were expecting and cooking these delicious looking foods take more effort than we are willing to give.

8. Desserts


Not to be confused with food, because desserts are not food, they are heaven, especially when it comes to Pinterest desserts. We all know that majority of what we make will end up on the Pinterest Fail blog posts, but we try anyway. My philosophy? Even if what you made looks terrible, it has butter and sugar in it, so it's probably fine.

Now these are all things I've come up with based on my own personal pinterest boards, but please feel free to share your own or argue mine!

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