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61 Things That Will Inevitably Happen If You Walk Into Target

That hypnotizing sign is calling your name, but you know the second you walk in that store you will lose 5 hours of your life.

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1.) "I Only Need One Thing...I'll Just Run In and Out" is the first lie you'll tell yourself during this adventure

2.) You don't grab a basket thinking you won't need it

3.) You walk past the dollar section thinking, "no, no, no"

4.) You circle back to the dollar section just because you want to see if there is anything you might need

5.) You grab about 5 things you want from the dollar section and decide to grab a basket just to make it easier

6.) You try and avoid eye contact with the jewelry and accessories section

7.) In a moment of weakness, you spot one necklace that you just have to have!

8.) And what's a necklace without a pair of earrings and a belt and a purse

9.) So you end up filling your basket full in the first 5 minutes

10.) You decide you'll actually need a cart and go back for one

11.) You pass the dollar section again and decide to just grab one more thing

12.) You've made it past the first section of the store and are on your way to the groceries when you pass the cosmetics

13.) You remember you need a new tube of mascara

14.) You decide it's best to have backup so you don't have to come back to Target every time you run out of your cosmetics

15.) You buy one of everything you already own

16.) And a new carrying case to hold it all

17.) You realize it would be super useful to have somewhere to hold this all at home

18.) So you go to the container section and buy some new sets of plastic drawers

19.) But not before you pass the appliances and see that the coffee maker you've been wanting is now on sale

20.) So you grab one

21.) And decide that it would be a great birthday present for your sister, so you grab a second one

22.) You take a detour through the toy section to avoid the food because, who knows what might happen in there!

23.) You find yourself walking down the aisle that holds all your favorite childhood toys

24.) And have a quick moment wishing for youth

25.) But not before you look at all the cool new things that they didn't have when you were a kid

26.) And pretend like you're shopping for a gift for someone else

27.) Before you are more tempted to actually buy said toy, you make your great escape through the fitness gear

28.) Which reminds you that you need to go to the gym more often

29.) But all these great workout DVDs are only $5 and you can do them from home

30.) So you grab three with fit celebs on the cover

31.) And a yoga mat

32.) And some hand weights

33.) But you realize now the purse is too much and you stuff it somewhere in the aisle

34.) And on your way out of the aisle you run into the books which reminds you that your friend told you about that great new book they read

35.) And you go looking for it

36.) And find two books that you think sound good

37.) But you remember that you don't like to read and one of those books is also a movie

38.) So you go to the DVDs

39.) And find all these great old movies for only $9.99

40.) But seriously, four movies in one DVD for only $9.99

41.) You grab six

42.) And somehow find yourself by the electronics drooling over an iPad

43.) But you know you'll never be able to afford one of those

44.) So you turn around to find yourself looking at the computer games

45.) And you notice they have that old game that you and your sister used to play for only $3!

46.) So you decide you'll get that for her for her birthday

47.) And stick the second coffee maker in the aisle

48.) Then second guess your choices and stick the first coffee maker in the aisle as well

49.) Then pick it back up and put it in the cart again because you NEED it!

50.) You try to have some self control and decide to head to the registers

51.) But pass the clothes on the way there

52.) And decide that you just don't want to deal with the dressing room right now

53.) So you only grab the clothes that you already know what size you are

54.) Then wander into the shoes because you remembered you need a new pair of flats

55.) And three more pairs of shoes later, you find your way to the check out

56.) Where you buy a pack of gum

57.) And a diet coke

58.) And a new chapstick

59.) It isn't until your total appears on the register that you begin to regret your decisions

60.) But it's too late and you pay for everything

61.) Then it isn't until you make your way home and begin making dinner that you realize the only reason you went was to buy salad dressing...

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