I'm Sorry To Expose You, But Here Are 14 TV Houses That Millennials Definitely Grew Up Wishing They Lived In

    What I wouldn't give to live in Monica's apartment or have Hannah Montana's closet...

    1. Monica's Apartment in Friends

    Joey in the kitchen while Monica, Phoebe, and Chandler gather around the couch in the living room

    2. The Halliwell Manor in Charmed

    The sisters are in the sitting room of the Halliwell Manor

    3. SpongeBob's Pineapple in SpongeBob SquarePants

    SpongeBob is standing at the top of a metal slide in a library.

    4. The Beach House in Grace and Frankie

    Grace and Frankie hang out on the couch near open doors that lead to the ocean

    5. Lorelai's House in Gilmore Girls

    Lorelai stands in front of her home while Luke and construction workers work on the house

    6. The Stewart Ranch House in Hannah Montana

    A large room with light carpeting, two chandeliers, a clothing carousel with bright clothes, and a wall of shoes. There are also cream-colored couches and a few blonde wigs.

    7. Blanche's House in The Golden Girls

    A spacious living room with wicker furniture that has pink cushions. Rose is sitting on the couch and Blanche is walking in the background.

    8. The Banks Mansion in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    Will is laying on a white couch with colorful pillows. A curved staircase and French doors are in the background.

    9. Finn and Jake's Treehouse in Adventure Time

    A large cartoon willow tree with windows and doors in the leaves and some bridges connecting the doors.

    10. The Johnson House in Black-ish

    11. Jay and Gloria's House in Modern Family

    12. The Tanner House in Full House

    13. The Sheffield Mansion in The Nanny

    Fran is talking on the phone in an opulent room with a grand piano and vase of flowers in the background.

    14. The Parker-Nichols House in Drake and Josh

    Josh is laying on the floor near a couch and Drake is jumping down from his platform bed to help him.