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25 Things Only A Fresh University Graduate Will Understand

The real world looks much better in sitcoms.

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1. You realize that you're saying goodbye not just to college but to everyone.

Bye, friends.

2. You get teary-eyed just by thinking you may not see them in months or years.


Which is a stark contrast to seeing them everyday.

3. Everyone is moving to New York.


Except you.

4. Thus, you're suddenly friendless.


Dinner date with myself. Yay!

5. You though eating ramen is something only students do on a regular basis.


Still eating it everyday.

6. No way a fresh graduate can afford this steep apartment rent.


An unemployed one at that, too.

7. It's so tempting to go back to your hometown and live with your parents.


But they still believe in curfews.

8. Moving into a new city/town is just like the first day of high school.


You feel like everyone's judging you.

9. Your resume is so petty, you wouldn't even hire yourself.


It's very tempting to just buy a fake one at

10. The only job you can get is an internship.

Shouldn't you be done with this by now?

11. They all want is someone with work experience.


Now that internship offer doesn't sound so bad.

12. Apparently, maturity doesn't magically happen after graduation.


You're suddenly the most immature individual in every room you enter.

13. You realize you're not exactly sure what to do with your major.


They didn't exactly say what kind of jobs accept this diploma.

14. You end up wishing you took a different major.

Journalism? That's not what future CEOs major in college!

15. Backpacking across the world is always on the back of your mind.


But you have no money. You can't even buy a new backpack.

16. You don't know how to meet new people.


There are no classmates in the real world.

17. You're probably not going to make new friends anytime soon.


Have you always been this scared of people?!

18. There's a new bunch of real world fears every day.


Such as never finding the work perfect for you. Like ever.

19. You realize you have no idea how to file taxes.


Or how much you should actually pay.

20. You have no idea what you're supposed to do next.


Sleeping all day is the only thing on your to-do list.

21. It scares you how your classmates seem to have it all figured out.


You can't even decide what to eat for dinner.

22. Unemployment seems like the only thing in your future right now.

Hopefully not!

23. You spent four years worrying about graduation and not a single thought for what comes after.


Nope, this isn't a panic attack!

24. Then you realize that the only way to grow is to go out and gain experiences.


Nowhere else to go but away from the computer screen!

25. The future looks so bleak, but in no way will you give up!


Success, wait for me!

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