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21 Times Tumblr Was Insanely Accurate About High School

Because high school looks so much cooler in the movies.

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1. The frustration of the age gap.

2. Having really good teachers.

3. And having really bad ones.

4. The things you learn in math class.

5. Completely nailing that essay you need to write.

6. Realizing the true meaning of the word studying.

7. The thoughts we all have during the school day.

8. Learning about the important things.

9. The rare, mythical creature that is motivation.

10. When Yahoo Answers completely saves you.

11. Learning important life skills.

12. Knowing exactly how to fit in.

13. The truth behind different subjects.

14. Three words: High School Musical.

15. Wanting to leave class as soon as possible.

16. How English teachers examine every little detail.

17. There will always be that one unforgettable moment.

18. The reality of fire drills.

19. Crushes

20. Grades.

21. The feeling you have when you're finally done.

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