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15 Things Only Cosplayers Will Understand

No, you're not a crazy person.

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1. Spending more time collecting reference pictures than actually making the cosplay.

Instagram: @aucshalliope

2. Having too many cosplay ideas and not enough cons.

3. Hoarding fabric and craft store coupons.

And most of them are expired.

And most of them are expired.

4. Trying to make a last-minute cosplay out of leftover fabric from old cosplays.


5. Underestimating how much a cosplay is going to cost.

Why is everything so expensive?!
Warner Bros.

Why is everything so expensive?!

6. That amazing moment when you give an in-character greeting to another cosplayer and they have an in-character response.

Warner Bros. TV

7. Becoming immune to the pain of hot glue touching your skin.

8. Actually being able to use a sewing machine.

9. Getting weird looks from people who will never understand.

Instagram: @haru_mimi

"Why is everyone staring at me?"

10. Wearing a non-mainstream cosplay and having someone recognize you.


11. The confused and/or scared look you get from your parents when they see your cosplay pictures.

No, Mom, I'm not doing drugs.

12. The constant fear of your cosplay falling apart on the con floor.

13. Having to carry around large and heavy props.

Instagram: @mp_nala_chan

14. Being super jealous of other cosplayers' amazing looks.

Instagram: @poppycosplay

15. And, finally, having an awesome, supportive, crazy group of cosplay friends that you wouldn't trade for the world.

Instagram: @emilkowalski

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