14 Elbow Patch Sweaters You Need Immediately

Never underestimate the subtle flair of elbow patches.

1. This adorable oatmeal cardigan with black elbow patches.

Forever21 / Via forever21.com

Versatile, neutral, and full of elbow patch-y goodness.

2. This sweet way to show your elbows some love.

Urban Outfitters / Via urbanoutfitters.com

For the more boisterous elbow patch lovers, who probably like to hug…a lot.

3. This simply stated striped sweater with heart elbow patches.

ASOS / Via us.asos.com

For those who choose to be a little more reserved about their love…and hugs.

4. This open front cardigan with sparkly elbows.

Old Navy / Via oldnavy.gap.com

Sparkle elbow patches=perfection. I don’t care who you are.

5. The sweater that manages to somehow distract the attention from the elbow patches.

Etsy / Via etsy.com

In case you didn’t notice, this gem has elbow patches.

6. This high-low sweater with sequin patches.

Etsy / Via etsy.com

For those who question the sequin’s ability to be understated.

7. This cardigan with cat elbow patches.

For everyone who loves cats, which is everyone.

8. This sweater that boasts both hearts and anchors.

For those feeling a little nauty.

9. This sweater that will get you caught in it’s web.

ASOS / Via us.asos.com

For those wanting to get into the Halloween spirit the right way, not the elementary school librarian way.

10. This adorable checkered shirt with leather star patches.

ASOS / Via us.asos.com

There’s a new sheriff in town…and it’s name is Elbow Patch.

*Yes..I am aware this is not a sweater, but it was way too good to not include.

11. This comfy knit cardigan with faux-suede patches.

ModCloth / Via modcloth.com

For those who want to give a nostalgic nod to everyone’s favorite neighbor.

12. This sassy sweater with some smooches on the elbows.

ASOS / Via us.asos.com

For those who love Xs much more than Os.

13. This lovely sweater with peace sign patches.

ASOS / Via us.asos.com

All we are saying, is give elbow patches a chance.

14. This cardigan with plaid patches.

ModCloth / Via modcloth.com

Picture yourself in this beauty, sipping egg nog by the tree. Plaid is a paragon.

15. This cashmere v-neck sweater with leather elbow patches.

Bloomingdales / Via www1.bloomingdales.com

Words cannot describe this flawless sweater and how good it would feel on my body. That is all.

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