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The Top 10 Times 'Sons Of Anarchy' Made You Die Inside

Sons of Anarchy has everything you could ever want in a TV show: Bikers, babes, explosions and an anti-hero you can get behind. But showrunner Kurt Sutter also has this amazing ability to make you completely lose faith in the world.

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Naturally, this list comes with the mother of all ***SPOILER*** alerts. If you haven't seen the show, or aren't up to date, LEAVE. NOW.

I'm putting it out there, Kurt Sutter is a genius. He creates these phenomenal character arcs, but with those arcs comes a whole lotta tragedy. With the Season 6 premier just around the corner, it's time to take a look at those 10 moments in Sons of Anarchy that left you curled up in the fetal position, wondering if the sun would ever shine again.

10. The Accidental Killing of Donna

Oh my heart. Poor Donna. Just when the Winston’s were starting to find that nice ol’ balance between outlaw and family, she goes and gets her brains blown out by Tig. Plus, that meant there was no more Sprague Grayden in the show. Sadness.

9. The Dog Fights

This is one of those scenes where your stomach churns just thinking about it, even months later. Look me in the eye and tell me that seeing dumpsters full of dead dogs isn’t one of the worst things you’ve ever experienced, ever. Go on. I dare ya.

8. The Kidnapping of Abel

When Jax’s son gets kidnapped by a grief-stricken IRA douchebag it’s a trying time for everyone. Jax crying on the dock while Psycho-Mc-Nutbox speeds away with the symbol of Jax’s hope for a legitimate life: too much (particularly on ladies’ ovaries).


7. All of the Otto and Tara Prison Scenes

From Otto’s discomforting sexual proposition to his slaughtering a nurse with a crucifix, it’s all hard to watch. Nothing more so than when the seasoned criminal (played by Sutter himself) completely breaks down, faced with the scent of his dead wife’s perfume.

6. Clay Puts a Hit Out on Tara

In fairness, this whole list could have been a series of Clay Morrow’s numerous f*%# ups. But this has to be the top. SHE’S YOUR DAUGHTER-IN-LAW, CLAY! STOP BEING SUCH A TOTALITARIAN DICK!

5. When Jax Shoots Up Wendy

Your inner monologue in this scene: Jax…. Hey, Jax… what’s going on man? WOAH! JAX! Just stop man, come on. She's the mother of your child! She’s doing so well! She’s got it together! Jax… GODDAMIT JAX, WHAT HAVE YOU BECOME?!?!?

4. Juice's Botched Suicide

Oh Juicey. Juicey, Juicey, Juicey. Do you realise what not knowing if you had lived or died for a whole week did to us? No one even cared that your Dad was black! Stupid RICO. Let’s have a cuddle. God bless you, Theo Rossi.


3. Gemma's Rape

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What was even more disturbing (you know, other than the totally brutal gang rape of one of Hollywood’s most under-recognised leading ladies, Katey Sagal), was that Henry Rollins was leading the attack. Can’t ever look at him again without part of me thinking: you raped Gemma you white-supremacist scumbag!

2. Tig :1, Damon Pope:1

So you settle in to watch the first episode of season 5, all excited, wondering how our favourite outlaws are faring in picturesque Charming. Then you watch lovable pervert, Tig, witness his daughter being burnt alive, and he’s chained up unable to rescue her. Every time she cries “Daddy”, a piece of your heart is no longer accessible. Kim Coates gets all the props in the world for this scene.

1. Vale, Opie.

Seriously… I just can’t even. Hell it’s been a year and I’m still not over it. Thanks Kurt. Thanks for making me literally sob all over my Onesie as Jax watches his best friend and moral compass be beaten to death with a pipe. Cheers Kurt (I hate you a bit).

Honourable mentions: Gemma's car crash with the boys, Tara getting arrested, Nero's psychotic half-sister, Otto biting off his own tongue, Clay killing Piney, Clay beating the shiznit out of Gemma, Clay and his home invasions, just Clay being Clay I guess. Ugh. Clay.

Sutter recently said in one of his WTFSutter vlogs that the upcoming season is the most violent one yet. Heaven help us all.

What are your most heart-breaking moments of Sons of Anarchy?

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