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Doctor Who S6 Extended Trailer

Brand new BBC America extended trailer for Doctor Who Season 6 premiere!

Michelle • 8 years ago

Kiwi Workout

Kiwi strutting his stuff on a treadmill as part of his rehabilitation after an accident. Why can't I look this cute when I work out?

Michelle • 9 years ago

Sad Salt Is Sad

Commercial for a new lower-sodium product makes "Salty" sad. Makes me just wanna eat more salt...

Michelle • 9 years ago

Gassy Cat

Cat hiccups, farts at the same time. Still cute somehow!

Michelle • 9 years ago

Pretzel Cat Is Thirsty

Cat invents silliest way to drink water.

Michelle • 9 years ago

Sketching the Sketchy

Just another day in Central Park...

Michelle • 9 years ago

Hamsters Rapping & Rolling

New Kia "Soul" commercial featuring some sassy CGI hamster action.

Michelle • 9 years ago

Cat & Dog Lick Each Other A Lot

Just let me kees you. Like dees.

Michelle • 9 years ago

Fennec Fox Freakout

I used to want one of these foxes when I was little. Glad that didn't pan out since they are apparently insanely annoying in the morning.

Michelle • 9 years ago

Bronte Sisters Action Figures

Why can't these totally awesome Bronte Sisters dolls be real? I want my own Brontesaurus!

Michelle • 9 years ago

Galactica: Sabotage

A fan tribute video that unites a super-nerd love of both Battlestar Galactica and The Beastie Boys' Sabotage video. Copied nearly shot-for-shot. YES.

Michelle • 9 years ago

Anteater Stands Up For Himself

Assertive anteater does not appreciate you gettin' all up in his schnozzle, okayyyy? Now back the F up, y'all!

Michelle • 9 years ago

Clueless Palin Supporters

Reporter interviews some of the enthusiastic (though not exactly the brightest) Palin fans lined up to see her book signing in Grand Rapids, MI. Watch through to the lady in the bailout t-shirt. Her reactions to the reporter's questions are priceless.

Michelle • 9 years ago

Battlestar Galactica Gets Repossessed

Lost scene from BSG. Even the Battlestar Galactica isn't recession-proof. Adama & Tigh have fallen behind on their payments for the ship, and a persistent agent on the phone is putting his foot down.

Michelle • 9 years ago

There's a Cat in My Meat

Oh hai guys, I'm in your Russian supermarket, nomming your meats!

Michelle • 9 years ago

Cute Monster Sells Cars

"Oh Brother" - a Spanish ad for Altea featuring a super cute monster who feeds on love & won't stop growing. Why can't our American car commercials be more like this? <3

Michelle • 9 years ago

Racist Baby

Man skeptical of Newsweek's cover story on "racist babies." But then he tests out his own kid...

Michelle • 9 years ago

Baby Hippo Nom!

Nom nom nom! "A newly born pygmy hippopotamus walks around its enclosure as the mother feeds at the Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam on September 30, 2009"

Michelle • 9 years ago

"Two Weeks" Fan Video

Lovely animation by Gabe Askew set to the song "Two Weeks" by Grizzly Bear.

Michelle • 10 years ago