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    36 Things Every St Andrews Student Knows To Be True

    May Dip, anyone?

    1. St Andrews is, without a doubt, the most beautiful place in the world.

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    How many other people can say that they went to university on the beach?

    2. It's a place where every student is best friends with their first year warden.

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    Which makes university feel a bit like boarding school.

    3. Everyone dresses like this.

    Flickr: Jimmy Flink / Flickr: jimmyroq

    Hunters, Barbour jackets and red trousers have become your uniform.

    4. And every minor event is celebrated with a beach bonfire.

    5. All the best St Andrews nights out involve port and cheese.

    Joe Gough / Thinkstock

    6. Then move onto a Bop.

    Where you'll exclusively meet freshers and retiring professors.

    7. And end at Dervish.

    8. The next morning, nothing will cure your hangover like a North Point pancake.

    9. Which you definitely needed after Raisin Weekend.

    Flickr: Nuwandalice / Flickr: nuwandalice

    Let's be honest: you didn't make it past 10pm.

    10. St Andrews may only have one nightclub.

    11. But that's OK. No one knows as many '00s hit as DJ Ian.

    S Club Carnival / Via

    12. You understand the importance of never stepping on the PH.

    Flickr: Paul Thompson / Flickr: pelegrino

    13. Or forgetting to wear your gown.

    Flickr: Nick Murphy / Flickr: theproductionline

    14. Or resisting sex with your academic family.

    Universal Republic Records / Via

    15. And if you do forget, there's only one thing for it.

    Flickr: Own Rudge / Flickr: orudge

    It's time for a May Dip. And nothing is colder than swimming at 5am on 1 May.

    16. Every time you go home, your family ask if you've met your prince yet.

    17. You haven't.

    18. And every time they visit you, you play golf here.

    Flickr: Gregory Stewart / Flickr: glstewart

    19. Which means you've got a picture of yourself on this bridge.

    Flickr: Alison Curtis / Flickr: glstewart

    20. You've also got a picture of yourself with a celebrity during Dunhill. It's probably Hugh Grant.

    Flickr: Sarah Ross / Flickr: 23680544@N07

    21. You're never more than 10 minutes away from all your closest friends.

    Flickr: Neil Howard / Flickr: orudge

    That's because St Andrews comprises three streets.

    22. Unless you live in DRA.

    Flickr: Owen Rudge / Flickr: orudge

    More like D faR Away LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

    23. Which is just as well because you never see your home friends anymore.

    Your term times are inexplicably entirely different from every other university.

    24. You know that going to Tesco between 4-7pm means queueing for at least three hours.

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    25. But if you go to Sainsburys, you'll inevitably bump into all of your professors.

    Paramount Pictures /

    26. A combination of American and Scottish traditions make up your calendar.

    Flickr: Ville Miettinen / Flickr: wili

    Burns Night and Thanksgiving are the best.

    27. But Christmas and May Ball are the most magical times of the year.

    Flickr: Zoe / Flickr: photosbyzoe

    Kinkell Byre almost feels like home.

    28. It's unreasonably difficult to find a seat in the library during revision week.

    29. And it's impossible to avoid being bombarded with leaflets in campaign week.

    30. You'll never understand why there's a fashion show every week.

    31. Or why you've been celebrating the 600th anniversary for the last decade.

    32. You've been on an awkward first date to the Pier.

    Mishia Leggett / BuzzFeed

    33. And celebrated the end of your exams here.

    Mishia Leggett / BuzzFeed

    34. You know that a pier jump marks the start of summer.

    Wikipedia: Breadandcheese / Creative Commons / Via

    35. And there's only one way to celebrate the end of your degree.

    XiXinXing / Thinkstock

    36. But best of all, now you've got friends all over the world.

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