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    • mishac2

      Okay.. Everyone is OVERREACTING! You can dislike the fact that he’s on the cover, but to completely boycott Rolling Stone over it?! You’re all insane.
      1) They call him a monster. RIGHT THERE!
      2) Everyone deserves to have their story told. Aren’t you interested to find out how this happened? Doesn’t everyone always want the details?
      3) I’m with the guy who compared this to Time putting Bin Laden on their cover. It’s an ARTICLE. It’s not like the headline under the picture is all “OMG! WE <3 THIS GUY. HE’S AMAZING! LOL.”
      *SMH* I guess people would only be okay with this if the picture was his head on a stake. But guess what? IT WOULD STILL BE THE SAME STORY INSIDE.

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