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    Which British Monarch Are You?

    From William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II, some colorful and varied personalities have sat on the British throne. Which one is most like yours?

    1. So you've just landed a kingdom. What do you do?

    2. What's the best way to get a kingdom?

    3. How much do you trust your friends?

    4. What's the most important part of being a monarch?

    5. How are we on finances?

    6. What was your childhood like?

    7. How are we at politics?

    8. Religion?

    9. Why are we at war?

    10. Someone's invading your country! What do you do?

    11. You've conquered new land! What's your first step?

    12. Who is England's worst enemy?

    13. What's your hobby?

    14. It's time to get married. Who's it going to be?

    15. Time for your kids to get married. What to do?

    16. Are you faithful to your spouse?

    17. What's the most important trait to you?

    18. How do you want to be remembered?

    19. Pick a quote:

    20. Pick a saying:

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