21 Ways Russians Are Dealing With The Collapse Of The Ruble

OK, one way: jokes.

1. The Russian ruble has lost nearly 50% of its value against the dollar this year — just 8% on Monday alone — thanks largely to falling oil prices. State-run media has struggled to explain the plunge. Enter the internet.

This person has taken 1,000-ruble and 5,000-ruble notes and rolled them up so the language reads, in loose translation, “WTF.”

2. This mock bill, called “the Sacral NewRuble,” plays on Vladimir Putin’s project of recreating “New Russia” through his meddling in east Ukraine. His regime has been hit with several rounds of U.S. and EU sanctions over Ukraine.

3. Get your “I believe in the ruble” T-shirt.

4. The ruble remains useful as toilet paper.

5. Here’s a euro mock-up with Putin, citing a previously high exchange rate with the euro last week, which has since shot up to 81 rubles. The Cyrillic writing says, “The euro is ours,” a play on a popular Russian saying that goes “Crimea is ours.”

6. The dollar is also “ours.”

This meme from last week making fun of the ruble rate is already disastrously out of date.

— max seddon (@maxseddon)

7. This one makes fun of Putin’s recent claim that the ruble “just lost a little bit of value.”

Выезжал с работы — евро стоил 75, приехал домой — он стоит 80. Нраааится

— Разбой и опричнина (@YesYesiAmKamil)

8. Here’s a pic of the old exchange rate in front of a huge banner reading, “Our choice is Vladimir Putin.”

Доллар - 59, евро - 74. Иллюстрация в тему

— Владислав Наганов (@naganoff_ru)

9. Watching a shooting ruble, the euro says to the dollar: “Did you manage to make a wish?”

10. No explanation needed.

Star Wars: The Fall of Ruble

— Duran / Дюран (@userdie)

11. :/

The real reason Russia has allowed the ruble-dollar exchange rate to spike so suddenly.

— RuNet Memes (@RuNetMemes)

12. 0_o

#USDRUB 64.46. Never mind.

— Russian Market (@russian_market)

13. These designs riff on the ruble symbol.

From middle age to old age to death. The RuNet jokes about the Russian ruble's lifespan.

— RuNet Memes (@RuNetMemes)

14. A site called zenrus has popped up, showing calming pictures and playing soothing music as you watch the ruble dive.

Можно смотреть вечно на 3 вещи: #евро #доллар #валюта #нефть #рубль

— Sophie (@Sofi_Sher)

15. As the ruble continues to plunge (the numbers below represent the dollar rate, the euro rate, and the dollar cost of a barrel of oil), the designers at zenrus have been getting more… creative.

16. This mock-up of a famous Soviet anti-alcoholism poster sees a man wave away offers of matches and canned meat while he feasts on dill pickles. “Crisis? What crisis?”

Рубль продолжает падать

— The Village (@villagemsk)

17. Here’s Putin manning a tank, presumably in Ukraine, running roughshod over the ruble.

Російський рубль впав до нового мінімуму #radiosvoboda

— Радіо Свобода (@radiosvoboda)

18. This amazing cartoon tells the story of the ruble and a barrel of oil, via the plot of Titanic.

19. This one mocks the new symbol for the ruble, introduced last year, in which the second horizontal line juts out proud and erect. “It’s actually bigger — it’s just cold right now.”

Рубль упал из-за печатного станка Центробанка РФ

— Михаил Кравченко (@michail777)

20. “Look, I dropped a ruble down there.” “Let me down further, I can’t see the bottom!”

Рубль начал неделю на "оптимистичной ноте" в оптимистической трагедии

— Роман Тимофеев (@RTimofeev50)

21. Here Putin smashes a few ruble coins — which are made out of glass, which in Russian is meant to be a sign of… good luck.

Ruble falls to US Dollar to 64.44

— Russian Market (@russian_market)

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