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    10 Ways Israel is Fighting the Battle Against Breast Cancer

    Israel has been one of the leading countries in the development of breast cancer therapies and research. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, here are 10 ways that Israel has been leading the fight against breast cancer.

    1. First Blood Test for Breast Cancer Detection

    Octava Pink Türkiye / Via Facebook: octavapinkturk

    Israeli company Eventus Diagnostics Ltd developed a noninvasive blood test using blood biomarkers to detect origins of breast cancer that even mammograms cannot detect.

    2. Cancer Blocking Treatment for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

    Big Data Made Simple / Via

    Triple negative breast cancer is a unique subset found mostly in the Hispanic, African American and Ashkenazi Jewish population in which three hormone receptors are missing, fueling cancerous tumors.

    3. IceSense - Freezing Away Tumors Without Surgery / Via

    Non-invasive cryotechnology that safely removes tumors within minutes.

    4. Real Imaging: The Life Saving Alternative to Mammograms / Via

    The no-radiation, no-contact alternative to mammography serves as an accurate detection tool for women with dense breast tissue.

    5. Optimata’s Virtual Patient: Predicting Patient Responsiveness to Breast Cancer Treatment / Via

    Israeli biotechnology start-up help doctors accurately predict a patient's responsiveness to breast cancer treatment in 70 percent of cases.

    6. The Iron Dome for Breasts: A drug that specifically targets cancerous tissues. / Via

    Immune Pharmaceuticals founded in Israel uses monoclonal antibodies as “guided missiles” to target specific cancer tissues

    7. The Creation of the Pink Perfect Nipple / Via

    Israeli company Pink Perfect created handmade lifelike nipples out of platinum-grade silicone for mastectomy survivors. It matches the skin tone of patients.

    8. Tumors Gear Up in the PM - Can Timing of Treatment Optimize Drug Therapy Results?

    A study from the Weizmann Institute found that a hormone involved in alertness during the day can also serves as a tumor suppressor. The study could have major implications for cancer treatment.

    9. The Best Breast Collaborative / Via

    In 2012, the Weizmann Institute in Israel and the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation began a partnership to test noninvasive technologies that detect malignant breast tumors.

    10. Immune System Enhancing Vaccine / Via

    Israeli biotech company Vaxil BioTherapeutics is in the process of developing the ImMucin Vaccine. It will help the natural immune system attack cancer cells.

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