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Meet The Trump Administration’s Man In Palestine

Ashraf al-Jabari is a little-known businessperson projecting a lot of power. He’s also the only Palestinian, so far, set to attend a Jared Kushner–organized conference in Bahrain.

Miriam Berger • 2 months ago



Miriam Berger • 10 months ago

Palestinians Are Trying To Turn Trump’s Love Of Israel Into Real Influence In Washington

The lack of money, leadership, and cohesive messaging are making it much harder to increase support in the US, even as Trump’s polarizing policies are creating new alliances for Palestinians.

Miriam Berger • 10 months ago

This Camp In Jerusalem Is A Showcase For Palestinians’ Future

The situation in the Shuafat refugee camp — abandoned by Palestinian leaders, ignored by the Israelis, and hurting from US cuts to UN programs — could soon be the norm.

Miriam Berger • 11 months ago

Trump’s Palestinian Plan Is Already Backfiring

The US is cutting aid to the widely disliked Palestinian Authority. But that could only make it harder to dislodge.

Miriam Berger • 11 months ago

Funerals Are Being Held For Palestinians Killed By Israeli Troops On The Bloodiest Day In Gaza In Years

At least 60 people were killed during protests on Monday as the US opened a new embassy in Jerusalem.

Matthew Champion • One year ago

Israeli Soldiers Have Shot Dead Dozens Of Palestinians Protesting As The US Opens Its Embassy In Jerusalem

The shootings took place about 100 kilometers from a ceremony filled with pomp and circumstance, remarks by President Donald Trump's daughter and son-in-law, and a video address from Trump himself.

Matthew Champion • One year ago

If You Want To Understand Trump’s Stance On Israel, Just Ask Evangelicals

Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel was scorned by governments and religious leaders around the world but one group couldn’t be happier: evangelical Christians.

Miriam Berger • One year ago

Pour les Palestiniens de Jérusalem, la décision de Trump ne changera rien

Dans la ville, où vivent 330 000 Palestiniens, la décision du président américain intervient dans un climat déjà tendu.

Miriam Berger • One year ago

“We Will Stay Here 'Til We Die. We Can’t Leave Jerusalem.”

For the 330,000 Palestinians who call Jerusalem their home, the decision to move the US Embassy to their city doesn’t change the worn-down reality of their lives.

Miriam Berger • One year ago

The Rise And Rise And Rise Of Israel’s Right-Wing Media

"Nobody believes in objectivity anymore."

Miriam Berger • 2 years ago

There's No Such Thing As Bad News For Trump's Israeli Fans. Literally.

"We’ve heard only good things about [Trump]. That’s why we love him.”

Miriam Berger • 2 years ago

Sur Instagram, ces photographes montrent le Congo sous un autre jour

Ces femmes montrent les Congolais au quotidien.

Miriam Berger • 3 years ago

Meet The Instagrammers Challenging How You See Congo

These women are showing the Congolese people beyond the headlines.

Miriam Berger • 3 years ago

Uber Says It’s Fighting Sexual Harassment In Egypt But The Causes Aren’t Going Away

In a country where nearly every woman has been subjected to harassment, can an app used by mostly the elite make a dent? Miriam Berger reports from Cairo.

Miriam Berger • 3 years ago

This Is Where Americans Go To Study Iran

The U.S. government funds students who want to learn Farsi, but instead of sending them to Iran, they’re sent 1,000 miles east to tiny Tajikistan.

Miriam Berger • 3 years ago

Here’s What Life Is Like For Afghan Refugees Who Don’t Make It To Europe

Tajikistan is a home for Afghan refugees living on the brink.

Miriam Berger • 3 years ago

Jérusalem a une application de taxis «casher»

L'application permet à ses clients de demander un chauffeur qui ne conduit pas durant chabbat, en strict respect de la loi juive. Certains jugent cette application raciste.

Miriam Berger • 3 years ago

What A "Kosher" Taxi App In Jerusalem Really Looks Like

The app allows customers to order a driver who does not drive on the Jewish Sabbath, from Friday evening to Saturday night, in keeping with strict Jewish law.

Miriam Berger • 3 years ago

How Oxford Is Trying To Sweep The Homeless From Its Streets

The city's crackdown is pushing the least fortunate in society further to the margins.

Miriam Berger • 4 years ago