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Watch A BBC Journalist Get Assaulted While Reporting On Air Near Gaza

The Israeli assailant yelled, "son of a bitch."

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BBC Journalist Firas Khatib was reporting from the Israeli border with the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, discussing the continued barrage of rockets flying between both sides.

The presenter at first mistakenly introduced Khatib as reporting from Tel Aviv. She then corrected herself, noting that he had previously been there but was now near Gaza.

Then an Israeli interrupted the broadcast and lunged at Khatib, yelling "son of a bitch." Khatib tried to keep his cool and called for the camera to cut.

Journalists from both sides of the border have come under various threats while reporting. On Tuesday, Al Jazeera reported that an Israeli bomb struck their Gaza headquarters. Israel denied that they specifically targeted the media network, which is illegal under international law. (Several local media offices in Gaza have also been hit by Israeli air strikes.) The incident came a day after Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Leiberman threatened to expel the network over what he called false reporting. (Leiberman does not have the legal capacity to ban the network.) Al Jazeera has already been banned from neighboring Egypt, where three journalists were sentenced this month to seven to ten years on false charges of terrorism in a trial widely condemned by the international community.

Watch the full assault here.

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