Protest Picture Shows A Turkish Journalist Flying From The Pressure Of A Water Cannon

“Freedom of press-ure.”

1. Images of Turkish journalist Hüsna Sarı being hit by a red-colored water canon while covering an anti-government protest in Ankara, Turkey’s capital, have sparked outrage over Turkey’s increasingly heavy-handed crackdown on media and dissent.

Getty Images

2. This video of the incident posted online reportedly shows Sari being hit.

3. Commentators speculated whether Sarı had been targeted. Others questioned the source of the water’s redness, suggesting that it was laced with pepper spray.

AFP / Getty Images

4. Protests have targeted Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is currently battling a corruption scandal, since last spring’s Gezi Park protests, which spiraled into a mass movement for greater government accountability.

Getty Images

5. Human rights groups have criticized Erdogan for escalating attacks against journalists and freedom of expression. Turkey ranked 154 of 180 countries in Reporters Without Borders 2014 Press Freedoms Index.

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