People In Holland Are Changing Their Facebook Pictures To Black Squares To Honor MH17 Crash Victims


People in the Netherlands are changing their Facebook profile pictures and Twitter avatars to black squares and using #BringThemHome to commemorate the 193 dutch citizens killed when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine on July 17.

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Holland lost the greatest number of citizens in the crash, which killed 298 people.

Russia-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine initially forbade access to the crash site area, setting off a diplomatic row. Many of the bodies of the victims were at first reported missing; they were then found Saturday in storage at a train station. The treatment of the victims’ bodies — including alleged claims of looting — outraged the international community.

In just one week, #BringThemHome has been used over 13,000 times on Twitter, according to the social media aggregator Topsy.

After days of back and forth, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Tuesday that the first bodies of Dutch victims were set to return to Holland Wednesday. More are expected to be sent back home for burial in coming days.

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