Journalists Around The World Demand Egypt Free Jailed Journalists With #FreeAJStaff

“Journalism is not a crime.”

1. Today Al Jazeera used #FreeAJStaff to organize a global day of solidarity with their four journalists imprisoned in Egypt on dubious charges since December.

2. The Al Jazeera journalists are four of many journalists — Egyptian and foreign — who have been imprisoned, harassed, and threatened. AJ has demanded the release of their journalists, but the Egyptian government has continued to renew their detention.

3. Al Jazeera journalists from across the world took part.

6. Journalists and media professionals from all across the world also joined in.

No demonstrations near me sadly, so from afar #freeajstaff - in solidarity with demonstrations worldwide.

— Yasmin Al Tellawy (@YAlTellawy)

7. Huffington Post

Our splash on today’s global #FreeAJStaff campaign

— HuffPost Media (@HuffPostMedia)

8. BBC News

Journalism is not a crime. @BBCUrdu journalists joining Global Day of Action for Press Freedom. #FreeAJStaff

— Tahir Imran Mian (@TahirImran)

9. CBS News

Why the tape? Sending support from @CBSNews London #FreeAJStaff

— Leigh (@LeighKiniry)

10. Nigeria

Abdullah's father and mother participate in Abuja stand RT @moogba Journalism is not a crime #FreeAJStaff

— Abdullah Elshamy (@abdallahelshamy)

11. Cambodia

#Cambodia shows support for #FreeAJStaff on Global Day of Action for Free Press

— d. parvaz (@dparvaz)

12. London

#freeajstaff come join us now in Trafalgar Square

— Frontline Club (@frontlineclub)

13. New York

Journalism is not a crime. #FreeAJStaff

— Molly Hunter (@mollymhunter)

Re-posting and again, CPJ demand #Egypt to #freeAJstaff

— Sherif Mansour (@sherifmnsour)

15. Ramallah

The global day of action to #FreeAJStaff comes to Ramallah. Journalism is not a crime

— Alan Fisher (@AlanFisher)

16. Washington, D.C.

Egypt one of the most dangerous places for journalists. 3 Al Jazzeera staff been in jail for 55 days. #FreeAJStaff

— Richard L Coolidge (@rlcoolidge)

17. Australia

#FreeAJStaff campaign supported by Australia's leading media personalities – who do you recognise?

— Al Jazeera PR (@AlJazeera)

18. Holland

Always being afraid that you're gonna be next is not ok. Free all detained journalist. Free press. #FreeAJStaff

— Brenda StoterBoscolo (@BrendaStoter)

19. United Kingdom

#FreeAJStaff (and all Egypt's political prisoners)

— David Wearing (@davidwearing)

20. South Africa

@FCASAfrica members join the world-wide protests of colleagues detained in Egypt #FreeAJStaff #pressfreedom

— Eva-Lotta Jansson (@Lottaimage)

21. Sarajevo

Italian photojournalist Luca Bonacini joined campaign #FreeAJstaff in #Sarajevo. Thanks!

— Nudzejma Softic (@Nudzys)

22. Nairobi

From Nairobi, #FreeAJStaff -

— Matthew Keys (@MatthewKeysLive)

23. Cameroon

#FreeAJStaff : Journalists expose the truths for a better world of equal people with unending opportunities.

— Fonki Yanick (@Fonkyanick)

Time to bring out the big guns… #FreeAJStaff @PeterGreste

— Steve Turnham (@steveturnham)

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