“ISIS Here” Banner Raised During CNN Live Show In Ferguson

It remains unclear whether the banner was at all connected to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS].

Updated— 11:42, a.m. EST

A man with a white banner reading “ISIS here” appeared live on CNN in Ferguson, Missouri, behind anchor Jake Tapper late Monday night.

The Blaze initially reported the banner. Some U.S. commentators have tried to discredit the Ferguson protestors as violent looters, though the large majority of demonstrators have been unarmed and peaceful.

BuzzFeed reached out to CNN for comment. “No, I don’t have any comment about a homemade banner a person holds up in a live shot behind our anchor while we are doing an interview during a protest,” Bridget Leininger of CNN wrote in an email.

The reaction on Twitter was largely not impressed.

If the Republic survived "Bongs Hits 4 Jesus," it'll survive this. RT @dorseyshaw: "ISIS here" banner in #Ferguson

— Gabriel Snyder (@gabrielsnyder)

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